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message 1: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Nunoofio (papeeebooks) | 1 comments Hello. I am honored to be a part of this group. I am an indie author with about 10 mystery and thriller eBooks to my credit, all of them published on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. I love making new friends and hope to make some here.

message 2: by Victor (new)

Victor Espinosa | 1 comments Hey there Issac, nice to meet you through the thread. I just started my drive to be a writer last year, but I have 1 self published novella so far and several short stories picked up by anthologies. I've honestly been a little confused as to what SELF-e can offer or provide for authors, but I'm glad for the recognition and exposure. And the ability to connect with other authors.
Cheers, everyone.

message 3: by Ron (new)

Ron Rayborne | 8 comments Hi Isaac and Victor. Welcome. Victor, while I'm not an official spokesman for Self-e, just another local author like you, I think you answered your own question. Library Journal has a long and influential history in the book world. I used to work in a library so I know. Thus, acceptance in their curated collection can only be positive for your work.

Teamed with Biblioboard, they help to bring recognition and exposure to local artists/writers on a much larger scale, than might otherwise occur, by offering your work free to library patrons state, country and even worldwide. This creates "buzz" and (hopefully) eventually widens your audience. And as they say, "Over 50 percent of all library users go on to purchase ebooks by an author they were introduced to in the library.”

I sometimes think that if some of the great classics were introduced today in today's hyper-competitive marketplace they wouldn't stand a chance. Who knows how many great reads never see the light of day because self-pubbed and small-pub books are operating with an inherent handicap: automatic rejection by the elite literary world. Unfortunately, many think, big publishing has gotten into a rut with their focus on SOT (that's the Same Old Thing).

Yet there is an incredible diversity of reads out there waiting to be discovered. There are a lot of lousy ones too though, burying them in the deluge (over 2,000,000 a year published globally!). Library Journal/Biblioboard can give good, but unknown, books legitimacy by finding them and spreading the word. As a side benefit, this also helps libraries by increasing patronage. Again, I'm not an official spokesman so I hope I've answered correctly. More info at the link below.

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