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The Thread That Runs So True
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Group Reads: Pre-1990 > The Thread that Runs so True, August, 2016, Initial Impressions

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Lawyer (goodreadscommm_sullivan) | 2699 comments Mod
Come join us on our group read of this American classic. Kick off our discussion of The Thread That Runs So True by Jesse Stuart with your thoughts as you delve into this memoir of twenty years of teaching children in the hills of Kentucky. No spoilers please.

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Diane Barnes | 4340 comments Mod
I have started this one. It is simply written, in fact, seems to me that 5th or 6th graders could read this with no trouble at all. Although present day kids would find it boring, I'm sure. What amazes me is the state of education in the 1920's. Of course, it was almost 100 years ago. And it seems our grandparents tales of walking barefoot in the snow for several miles to get to school might have been true after all. I am enjoying this, but it is closer to "A Serigamy of Stories" than to "The Water is Wide".

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Diane Barnes | 4340 comments Mod
OK, all you teachers out there, here's a good one for you! Two high school football players were feuding, he drew a circle in the dirt and told them to fight until one of them couldn't stand. There was blood involved. The other members of the team watched, as did the coach and Jesse Stuart, who was principal at the time. If that happened today, he would be in prison.

Tina  | 488 comments It is so hard to imagine anyone teaching at 17 today! Incredible that, after a fist fight and a spitting girl were conquered, Jesse was able to maintain control and was respected at Lonesome.

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