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message 1: by Abhishek (last edited Jul 05, 2016 10:15AM) (new)

Abhishek Sachdeva | 1 comments Hi,
I have implemented book search in my application. It returns a list of book but doesn't provide ISBN of a book.
Is there any way that i can get ISBN in search response?

Secondly, I need description of book too in response, but for that I have to request for the book using Goodreads ID.
Is there any way to get partial response only, I mean specific fields that I need (in this case description)?

message 2: by Ziggurism (new)

Ziggurism | 1 comments I am also trying to find a goodreads API method which will return ISBN. search.books don't include ISBN fields. Help would be appreciated.

message 3: by Charles (new)

Charles Kim | 28 comments Hi,

In order to get a book's ISBN and description, you will have to use the book/show API method. There is currently no way to specify partial responses.

Best regards,

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