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message 1: by Victor (new)

Victor | 22 comments I'm looking to expand my friend list and as I'm slowly approaching the end of my to-read list I found myself lost in reading reviews for various books and I'm getting curious as to what your favorite reviewers are and whose opinion you value so that I get less confused by the nominations each month and whatnot.

message 2: by Olga (new)

Olga (meluse) I really like Nataliya. She reads in different genres and her reviews are very well written.

message 3: by Lanko (new)

Lanko | 16 comments My own, of course!

But seriously, take every review, good or bad, with a little pinch of salt. Even the most popular reviewers have their own taste, and due to the number of followers they have, they may give a bad rating to a book and it will probably skyrocket to the top of reviews you see and who knows, it could've been a book you would have loved to read!

message 4: by Victor (new)

Victor | 22 comments Definitely Lanko. The think with reviews is that nobody wants to get stuck reading a terrible book especially since he is a completionist like myself. I usually read some 1 star reviews and some 5 star reviews before deciding on picking up a book but usually of the 1 stars are just crazy rants that have nothing to do with the book and the 5 stars reviewers are over enthusiastic star-people. I myself tend to over evaluate the books I'm reading and only when something impresses me really hard one way or the other I find time and will to write a review.

That being said I'm looking for levelheaded people who have both time to read and dedication toward reviewing books. In time I'll filter them through my own tastes but I'm asking for a starting block.

message 5: by Adam (new)

Adam Woods I generally look up my favorite authors on goodreads and see which books they've reviewed/rated 5 stars. Pat Rothfuss and Mark Lawrence generally write good reviews.

However, my most trusted source of review is Andrew Mather, who runs The Quill to Live

message 6: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe Prince (HDLynn) | 11 comments By own :P But I do review regularly. I also tend to review a wide range of genre materials--paranormal, epic, grim dark, classic, humorous. I also review a lot of newer books via ARC copies, and a lot of what I want to do with my reviews is to help people find new things to read that they might like.

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