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message 1: by Jay (last edited Jul 05, 2016 05:16AM) (new)

Jay Cole (jay_cole) | 292 comments New post at Find Your Funny!

Defend Your Right To Wackadoodle

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but we recently dodged a bullet!

message 2: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Ehrhardt (aliciabutcherehrhardt) In this group, I keep forgetting you live in Vermont.

Your avatar - is that a Ben Franklin type, or the man himself? For some reason I always think 'Wm. Shakespeare' when I see it.

My brain's fault, no doubt, or your permission to believe whatever I please.

It's going to be a hard six months in this country; glad for any chance to laugh.

If you haven't yet, look up 'dihydrogen monoxide' on the internet; it's nasty stuff.

message 3: by Tom (new)

Tom Krug (thomas_krug) | 36 comments Hehe. I did giggle aloud. Good satire, Jay, thanks for posting.

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