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Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) 1. Who was your favourite character in the novel and why?

2. Do you think Shazi's father's response was fatherly and out of love for his daughter, or simply out of anger? Was his response truly the fatherly thing to do?

3. Shazi is determined to have some sort of powers. What do you think this may mean to her in the sequel, and why do you think the author briefly mentions it but doesn't delve in any deeper?

4. How do you think the setting and scenery relate to the overall novel?

5. What do you think of the competitiveness within the relationships, and the distrust? How do you think this contributes to the theme of the novel as a whole?

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Laura (lanakilah) 1. Khalid and Shazi. I loved Khalid for his determination but also vulnerability because everyone has limits and he just depressively (lol is that a word?) dived into his. Anyway, I love him. And then I loved Shazi (in 1st book) because of her fierceness and also her capacity to forgive and love nonetheless.

2. Hmm we get to know Shazi's father more in the second book and it answers this question a bit... I think he did it out of love but it turned out wrong.

3. Well it's true, the powers are there but they don't go BOOM GOD POWERS or anything.

4. It was brilliant. All descriptions were beautiful, including food descriptions. Yummy.

5. It's a retelling. The competitiveness had to be there... I'm not a fan of distrust in relationships but it made sense at the beginning.

Olivia-Savannah  (olivia_catastrophe) 1. I have to agree with Laura! The two main characters were my favourites for the same reasons she mentioned. I just really appreciated the boldness in Shazi and the way she handled the situation she was in. She was so good at keeping aware. And Khalid is just doing his breath in such a difficult situation.

2. In my opinion as of having read the first book only, it seems like he is doing this for twisted reasons. As if it started out based out of love, but then it twisted so that it was just for his own reasons.

3. She does get powers and it was almost frustrating how little is revealed about them in this book. I think I need to withhold judgment until I know a bit more.

4. It's beautiful, like Lauren said! I think it relates to the novel by adding to the majestic writing style and atmosphere. Especially as Shazi and Khalid are "royalty" after all.

5. I kind of like the competitiveness. As a retelling it was going to have to be concluded, which Lauren already said. But the distrust game and the way you had to be careful about what you were saying was something I really liked! I'm all about that kind of game that keeps you on your feet.

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