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message 1: by Raquel (Rocki) (new)

Raquel (Rocki) (raquelrocki) | 188 comments Mod
-First sign up (here on this discussion board)
-Then wait for you to be paired up randomly
-Partners then contact one another and choose a book they would both like to read
-Then please let me know on here what you and your partner plan to read
-You will find out who you are partnered with in post 2

Side notes:
-Please make sure that when you sign up you will be here for that month
-If you have a buddy that is not contacting you back you may then choose a book from your partner's read shelf and you may discuss it here (no spoilers please)
-Sign ups will last all month as people sign up I will pair them up through out the month.

And as always have fun reading!

message 2: by Raquel (Rocki) (last edited Aug 04, 2016 07:29AM) (new)

Raquel (Rocki) (raquelrocki) | 188 comments Mod
Aderonke and Austin
Victoria and Tammie
Sophia and Heather

message 3: by Aderonke (new)

Aderonke  (aderonkeakavinita) | 17 comments sign me up please!

message 4: by Austin (new)

Austin Webberly | 28 comments Sign me up!

message 5: by Victoria (new)

Victoria | 54 comments I'll join if i can.

message 6: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett me to

message 7: by Sophia (new)

Sophia I'm in:)

message 8: by Raquel (Rocki) (new)

Raquel (Rocki) (raquelrocki) | 188 comments Mod
I need one more august buddy read sign up for Sophia.

message 9: by Heather (new)

Heather | 67 comments im in

message 10: by Raquel (Rocki) (new)

Raquel (Rocki) (raquelrocki) | 188 comments Mod
all set!

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