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The St. Petersburg Affair
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Russian bachelor accidentally has affair with unmarried girl. [s]

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Lauren Flesher | 21 comments I read this book before 2014. It was set in the pre-soviet era of Russia. A young russian girl from the upper class went to a ball and seduced a bachelor. He thought she was married because she wore a fake wedding ring. He took her back to his apartments and they slept together. Later he discovers that she was not married, and so he has to wed her. Unfortunately that's all I remember. The title may have had 'Imperial' in it...like 'The Imperial Affair,' but not that.

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Is this in the romance genre? Remember the cover? Author male or female?

Lauren Flesher | 21 comments I'm not sure if it was just about romance or if it had a mystery or drama plot line to it. I sort of remember the cover being of a dark room, lit by candlelight, say, but with no people. However, I'm not certain on that.

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Lauren, was it a masked ball?

Can you tell us more about the heroine - her family/friends, titled, interests, etc.? Why was she wearing a fake wedding ring?

Lauren Flesher | 21 comments Oh, a masked ball does sound familiar. He was a long time bachelor, with a bachelors apartments that had an extra side entrance for lady friends. He only slept with married ladies to avoid scandal/ having to marry them. The woman character was young and unmarried and wanted to seduce him, so she wore a fake ring. He thought she was married, invited her home, and either that night or in the days after he learned her true identity. Maybe her mask fell off and he recognized her? Russian nobility. He may have had some title. I believe she was the daughter of some important noble. When he found out he was angry and began taking steps to marry her. I'm not sure if they end up happily together. It's not a bodice ripper type romance, there is more dimension to the plot rather than the relationship itself.

I'm wondering if I started to read it and never finished, because I really don't remember much else.

Lauren Flesher | 21 comments I found the book in my grandma's garage! The St. Petersburg Affair

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