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The Bronze Lady (Woodford Antiques Mystery #2)
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message 2: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments Done! :)

message 3: by P.S. (last edited Jul 04, 2016 03:58PM) (new)

P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) I am finding I have 2 profiles here, one shows only 4 books, I have 40 and one of my latest books isn't on my official page, I tried to add it, but it said it is already here, that is how I found I had a page with only four titles, would like to get the book "Realities" onto my page with the others, not sure how to do it.
P.S. Winn

message 4: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments I edited Realities so that it shows up on your profile. :)

Just to confirm, the remaining three books on the other profile do not belong to you, correct?

message 5: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments (The books are: At Hidden Lake, The Number Book, The Alphabet Book)

message 6: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments Also, forgot to say - in the future, please start a new thread, as this thread is about a completely different, specific book.

Let me know if the other three books are yours, otherwise I'll assume you're good to go. :)

message 7: by P.S. (new)

P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) The other books are mine, but on my main profile they are all on there! I don't need the profile with just the 3 or 4 books. That can be deleted. Sorry it took so long to answer, I was reading, LOL! :) Thanks for your help.

message 8: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments LOL, never apologize for reading!! ;-D

Since those books are yours, they definitely need to be with your profile. :) I changed the author name to match yours, and then combined them with the editions already existing on your profile.

Glad to help!

message 9: by P.S. (new)

P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) Wow, you are awesome, thanks so much!

message 10: by Joneen (new)

Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments No problem, happy to!

Kathy Morgan | 14 comments Thank you!

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