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•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Awesome. I'll put mine up soon.

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Jasmine "Cubby" Leanne Holmes 17 Pansexual




Kevin Lee Jones 18 Heterosexual




•CookieMonster• | 229 comments You please.

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As the teacher was explaining what would be on the test, his desk phone rang causing him to give a long worn out sigh. "Yes? Uh-huh. Right *sigh.* Yeah ok I'll be right there." He muttered into the phone before looking at his class. "I'll be right back." He muttered before going down to the principal's office. There he was. Leaning on the desk wondering out of all the schools there where in this rinky-dinky town he chose this one. At this point he didn't really care, all he needed was for this teacher to come and get him so he could go to class and take a nap. Kevin looked over at the teacher and looked back at the principal. "This is the teacher I have to go with?" He asked as the principal rolled his eyes and went back to work. He followed him to the classroom and stood outside the door while the teacher went inside. "Class, today we have a knew student among us. Treat him the way you want to be treated. Alright Kevin could you come in and introduce yourself please?" He asked as he looked out the door. Kevin came in and looked around seeing who's who. He already had the stares from the girls which he didn't mind, actually enjoyed it. But there was one girl who caught his attention, the one who wasn't paying attention to him. "I'm Kevin." He said simply before walking to an empty seat and sighed.


She didn't wanna be here. She didn't want to be alive. They didn't want her, that's why they sent her here. But it wasn't her fault that she was this way, never was never will be. She could feel someone staring at her and her head being snapped up as she saw him again. Cubs closed her eyes trying hard to ignore him, but he wasn't budging. Her hands went up to her ears as she shook her head. "Leave me alone......" Cubs said quietly. She didn't wanna be here. She didn't want to be alive. Gynophobia. The fear of women. Androphobia. The fear of men. Cubs couldn't be around anyone without freaking out. But that was a story for another day. She sat in the car and waited while the nurse went in to talk to Lane. "Lane, there's some things you need to know about her. You cannot call her by her name. It took us a half hour to just get her out of her house. I know you don't want this case, but at least act like it." She said handing him an extra file before going out to get Cubs. Cubs walked father behind her and stood there not getting any closer to Lane. She kept her head down not looking at anyone and was slightly shaking.

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Kevin smirked as she looked at him but then paid him no attention. He plugged in his headphones as he looked out the window not paying attention to what the teacher was saying. "Alright class, we're having an in class project this week. I'll be partnering you guys up so when I call your name get with the person you're working with. Bobby and Melissa. Lane and jasmine. Kristen and Kevin. Levy and Michael. Joelle and Tate. Chris and Abigail. Cora and Eden. Maggie and Leah. Okay now get with your partners and get to work." He said before passing out papers and did some work on the computer. Kevin hadn't heard anything he said, actually he was falling asleep and only woke up when his phone started to ring. He looked down at the caller id and frowned a bit before placing it on his desk and disabled it quickly throwing the remains on the ground. Kevin stretched and looked around and saw a bunch of people grouping up together. "What?" He asked rubbing the back of his head and sighed.

"Cubs is the only name she'll respond to. If you use her real name she'll freak out and you'll have to sedate her." The nurse said looking over at her. "Come on Cubs we're not going to hurt you." She said softly and calmly.

You think you can get away from me? You'll never get rid of me. Wherever you are, I'll always be there. These people can't help you. Jasmine. She heard him say. Her first thought was to run which she did. Cubs felt someone grab her and started kicking around and thrashed trying to get away. "No! Let me go! He's going to kill me!!" She screamed trying to get away but the guards had tight grips on her. Cubs then stopped moving around and started to breathing hard refusing to open her eyes. Come on Jasmine, just open your eyes...... "No....I won't.....I won't!" Cubs said and slipped out of their grasps. She ran as hard and fast as she could not stopping for no one. Psychosis. A mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality. Cubs felt something sharp in her arms as she continued to thrash around. Her breaths calmed down, she stopped moving around as much and her eyes were still opened but not as crazy as they were before.

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