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Third Degree
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. investigation into clinic fraud, sick husband holds wife hostage [s]

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Zilly87 | 3 comments In this book the husband is a doctor who is partners with a long time friend. The partner is committing medical insurance fraud which flags an investigation by the police. When detectives come to question, the secretary who has been sleeping with the partner, sets the clinic on fire.
Meanwhile, the husband is hasnt told his wife, but he is dying from a brain tumor. His wife has been distant so he accuses her of infidelity and rips apart his library to find a note that he thinks is there proving his theory. The couple has 2 children. The husband wont let the wife be near the kids. He takes the wife hostage in a fury.
The clinic partner comes to the house to get something from the safe room in the couples house and instead gets shot and killed by the doctor.
One of the kids escapes to the neighbors house.
Police have surrounded the couples house.

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Sarah Rosenberger (sarahatothek) | 37 comments Could this be Third Degree?

Zilly87 | 3 comments Sarah wrote: "Could this be Third Degree?"

It Is!! Thank you!!

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