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Shadowland (The Mediator, #1)
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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5903 comments Mod
LexiLovesBooks34♡ & Karishma - Shadowland

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments When do you want to start?

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments That works fine for me :) but just to clarify , do you want to start reading on friday? Or come back here friday to discuss what we read?

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments Ok thats cool . I hope you have a happy 4th of July :)

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments So i started. Im only on like chapter 2 . I didnt really see it the first time but Suzie isnt really the nicest person . I know she kind of has a reason not to be the nicest towards ghost , but she doesnt have to be so mean.

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments Im on chapter 11 and suze is way more gutsy than i am . I dont think i would be able to sneak out of the house and bike 2 miles to a school especially in a brand new city, and state without a cellphone. I am horrible with directions and am a chicken.
Also i forgot the main plot of this book . Who would kill themselves becaus ethere boyfriend broke up with them ?

LexiLovesBooks34♡ (lexilovesbooks34) | 110 comments Alright i finished shadowland. I never noticed how short the book way before. But i forgot how much i love jesse!

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