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message 1: by Jessie Marie (last edited Jan 11, 2017 04:51PM) (new)

Jessie Marie (jessiemreads) Edited to reflect current timeline:

We are on a bimonthly schedule and each book club selection will consist of two books (in the same genre / theme).

Beginning of the Month: Poll - Genre for Next Month's Book Selection
One Week Later: Suggestions Thread will go live where members may make suggestions based on the genre selected
One Week Later: Poll based on suggestions where members will vote to choose book
One Week Later: Poll will close, book will be selected
Immediately following close of the poll: Discussion for the selected Books of the Month will begin

For April 2017's Book
Poll for Genre: March 1 - 8
Thread for Suggestions: March 9 - 15
Poll for Book: March 16 - 22
Discussion on Book of the Month: Begins March 23 - Endless

message 2: by Emy (new)

Emy | 4 comments Jessie, can we have a topic from August 1st-18th for discussion whilst people are reading the book? Sometimes it can be fun to talk as you read along. Perhaps we can utilise goodreads spoiler tags and put something like 'spoilers for chapter 8' and then (view spoiler) so people aren't inadvertantly spoiled for chapters they haven't read yet? And then on August 19th open a thread for people to discuss the book as a whole? Then people who don't want to discuss whilst they're reading don't have to wade through a whole thread to find discussion, and the people who want to talk whilst reading have a safe space to do so. :)

I don't know if that would be too much work or if that's something you're open to? Just an idea! :)

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