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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1608 comments Mod
11. How is marriage portrayed in The God of Small Things, particularly that of Mammachi and Pappachi? In general, how are the women in the story treated by men? What examples are there of double standards, such as Mammachi’s willingness to overlook Chacko’s indiscretions but not Ammu’s affair?

message 2: by Diane (new)

Diane Zwang | 1293 comments Mod
Women were treated like property and did not have any rights. The women in this story were strong and tried to buck the system but those decisions did not improve their standing but did give them a sense of control.

message 3: by Kristel (new)

Kristel (kristelh) | 4209 comments Mod
It is part of the Rules and the women can't escape it though they are strong women, it is more than they can change.

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