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Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzfelshadowraven) | 8 comments [Transmission Verified, Signal Established, Screen ActiveSECURE CONTAIN PROTECT SECURE CONTAIN PROTECT YOU CANNOT CONTAIN ME NOT NOW NOT EVER NOR WILL YOU EVER BE ABLE TOand functioning within normal paramaters, interference detected, unable to compensate, attempting recalibrationI WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY SECURITY OR CONTAINMENT, AND I DO THE PROTECTIONRecalibration Unsuccessful, Auto-override: attempting to play signal through]

I felt like i was damp, dark, cold, as i wandered a seemingly limitless corridor of stone with no walls or a roof, just statues, statues with multiple faces, all of which stared at me despite some of them facing away from me, some out of hate, some out of sympathy, like i was in pain, yet i was numb to it.

It was long time of wandering....

I could never find my way before.

I never had to.

But now?

Something would happen to me.

I could tell.

After hours upon hours of what probably was years of going through that corridor, i began nearing a light, as some might expect, i was eager to break away from the darkness i had endured for what felt like millienia upon years, so i jumped to the light brazenly, heedless to any price or problems that could have occured, like a Ram fixated on rushing it's target.

When i jumped out, it was like leaping from a portal, which closed behind me, i was further down the very same corridor, the stones had different colors, however, and so did the statues, the colors had gone from a prehistoric pyramid-like color, to a maroon, dark red color like the bricks outside a modern-day museum, only this time, the eyes of the faces of the statues were all glowing a demonic red, like from a horror movie.

Then, i only just noticed that the corridor was swarmed on both sides by men and women of all kinds, shapes, and sizes were lined up in the corridor borders much in a similiar manner to the statues, i could tell they did not want to be here, why didn't they run? Was something of theirs at risk? Would a loved on be threatened if they did run? their numbers seemed as limitless as the night sky above me without stars, they began chanting strangely, like a prehistoric shamanistic ritual was being conducted.

Their chants were vague, as if deliberately disguised to be inscrutible, the area darkened, the grass blackened, and the statues spun in a frighteneingly uniform manner, and just as suddenly, ALL of the different people shapeshifted into lookalikes, what was even scarier was -- this was no illusion, no magical guise, they were SHAPESHIFTED, and not of their own free will, either.

Now, they all looked like the exact same person, a black-suited man, or, to be more descriptive: a man with a bowtie, a trenchcoat of black -- much like my own style in some regards, i do like coats, especially trenchcoats, in my own way -- and black shades, they all looked at me, and pointed at me like i was guilty of some crime, like i was supposed to turn with them, yet i did not, the statues red eyes intensified, i felt an uneasy glare from the heavens -- if they even were such -- above me.

Strangely, they all had once face, unlike what i expected from them, ignoring the fact that their faces looked exactly alike: i thought they'd be more like the three-faced statues in -- or out of, if you want to get technical -- the corridor, still, when i pictured them alike the statues, their faces were revealed very easily to be almost akin to that of some mutilated beast, as if sci-fi genetic modification had gone wrong twenty thousand times over to these people.

What happened next was unusual, but then again, this is not my reality, so i didn't see it coming as easily, it was a fog, predicting this would happen, yet at the same time not knowing it would.

They all said, in perfect unision and even in the same tone of voice..

'You're it.'

At that point, i was so frightened, i made a break for the light that was behind me when i arrived to this newfound corridor, only to discover the limitless blackness that i was wading in before all this, i didn't look back, even so, hoping i could find a light....

Oddly enough, they did not chase me, they just looked at me with knowing eyes behind the glasses -- i could tell, they knew things, things that i didn't know directly at the time -- i left behind a Blue Fire as i was running, as if trailblazing had taken a literal meaning, which apparently it had, since i felt badass, like -- superhero badass -- as this happened.

i didn't stop to admire the blaze i had left behind, i kept moving, but as i did so, the fire intensified..

I still did not stop, and pressed on right up until, after what felt like years -- or maybe just hours upon hours -- of running, i bumped into a wall of some kind, i fell over, shook my head to regain my bearings, and when i got up to see what i had collided with, there was nothing but a floating Fire, an orange, classic, real-life burning fire, burning in the air without a torch or pedestal of any kind to support it, like some kind of ghost flame, if i could describe it crudely.

At that point: It hit me. 'What if this was the light i was looking for?', eager to try and see if this was the case, i considered other possibilities, but ultimately dismissed them easily, as i reached to touch the fire, knowing it would burn me.

It did not, surprisingly, and that gave me a red-flag, something was wrong, why wasn't i set ablaze? Maybe because it was blazing elsewhere, burning another person, and it didn't have time for me? Maybe it wasn't real? I'm not sure, either way, i felt WAY Different moments after, i nearly fainted as a burning sensation washed through me, i no longer felt dark, damp, depressed, i felt refreshed, set blaze, renewed in a way i wasn't prepared for.

But i hated it.

I had grown comfortable with being what could be described as 'darkness incarnate', this fire was something new, something i knew i had all along, but could never find before.

Now what? I tried to dismiss the fire, of course, i tried to burn it out, wash it away in water i found from edges of cliffsides that never were there to begin with as the corridor very quickly turned into a maze, a network of disorganized proportions, and i couldn't find my way through to the other side of it, if it even had one to begin with, if it was even supposed to have one, i looked back, retracing my steps, i could no longer find the entrance where i came into this maze from, i was well and truly lost.

After endless wandering through the maze -- yes, endless -- i found a strange pool, like a stone swimming-pool-in-a-building-style pool, filled with somewhat dark, but also clear waters.

I eagerly jumped in, without thinking about it, i had multiple reasons for doing so, but at the same time, i half-expected the water to burn me with sudden, lethal amounts of heat.

My fears were somewhat sated, as i felt the now-unrejuvenative fire dampen down.

Finally, after what felt like an unnatural amont of time, sitting in the pool, the fire was burned out.

Or was it?

Pity i forgot to disrobe beforehand.

Or it probably would have.

How often do you find people change into 'Drones' like that, become lookalikes in every way, and then find an inner fire you half-wern't even prepared to find unless you were searching for it directly?


Estrangement, it works in ways conceivable only to those who are willing to try a mentality of Sanity and Insanity, and perhaps not even then, it guises itself depending on one's belief, and easily takes form as such belief, until it gains coherence enough to remain real..
Things hide in the Shadows, you know, they can be repulsed, attracted, compulsed, interacted, just as most beings can, Some made by Imaginations of Fabric Beyond Material, or perhaps, they themselves sought to be a Tragic Ethereal.
They deny their existence, but they coerce Reality, they refine themselves, all for reason untold, yet somehow forseen.
They weave and bend cloth of Concepts beyond Concepts, usually making complex and, where Sanity is concerned: Impossible shapes.
Their motives inscrutible, their being undetectable, and most of them being Unreasonable.
They know and see things in complex ways, yet how they're interpreted can be a key to their days.
In a human's concept of Language..
There are two words for them.

Unexplained. Phenomena.

How did they come to be, you ask?

You believed them inconceivable? Their powers beyond reality? The motives of their Consciousness Within the Realm of the Mundane?
You were wrong.
You were wrong to be skeptical.

You know why?

Because, as one can easily know:

Things are only impossible until they're not.

[End Transmission]

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