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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > 7/7/16: Ch. 1-4: Question 4: How does the "Fate of Fuses" title relate to LJG's reaction to Hal's request to ask for Jamie's help?

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Shanna | 40 comments Discuss topic in this thread... have fun!

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Shanna | 40 comments As for John, when Hal ask him about "Fraser" I could almost see that saying was like dynamite to John "a lit fuse" that he wanted to ignore because of whatever happened between him & Jamie. "
Yet each of these men knew these respective explosions are going to blow up in there faces given time. This meeting between Jamie and John will have to happen again at some point.

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Celeste | 26 comments I kind of addressed this with the last question. Jamie and John's last meeting was a bit of a disaster. Neither is feeling very friendly toward the other at the moment. But we also know that the meeting between the two will have to happen eventually. Of course Hal doesn't know everything that has transpired between Jamie and Grey; therefore he doesn't know what it will cost Grey, emotionally, to ask for Jamie's help. It's very interesting to see how the Jamie/Grey relationship shifts and changes and grows. This is a long fuse the sometimes burns fiercely, but sometimes it just kind of smokes and smolders. I

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Tiffany Wilbourn (impalagirl22) | 25 comments Mod
It's going to be an Electrifying confrontation for sure....but isn't that their relationship?! it's complicated, to say the least!

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