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message 1: by QUEEN, Mona E. Trevor (last edited Jun 30, 2016 03:24PM) (new)

QUEEN | 425 comments Mod
currently a draft but feel free to add a suggestion :)

message 2: by QUEEN, Mona E. Trevor (last edited Jul 01, 2016 09:58AM) (new)

QUEEN | 425 comments Mod

cнaracтer relaтιonѕ

- copy-paѕтe cнaracтerѕ wιll noт вe accepтed υnder any cιrυмѕтanceѕ wнaт ѕo ever.

-ιғ a ғace claιм нaѕ вeen мade and noт poѕтed on тнe worĸѕнop wιтн ιмageѕ and an oυтlιne, aғтer a weeĸ oғ тнe claιм, тнe ғace claιм wιll вe revoĸed. ѕecreт word : pιneapple

- cнaracтerѕ are noт allowed тo нave тнe naмe oғ тнe goodreadѕ υѕer

-collaвoraтιonѕ мay noт вe condυcтed or applιed ғor υnтιl ѕaιd cнaracтer нaѕ вeen accepтed

non cнaracтer relaтιonѕ

- тнere ιѕ a мιnιмυм oғ 5 ѕenтenceѕ per poѕт.

-мenтιon and or poѕт wнen yoυ are on and oғғ lιne wнιle roleplayιng wιтн people. cнallenge qυeѕтιon ιѕ тo вe anѕwered ιn order тo roleplay. cнallenge qυeѕтιon: wнaт ιѕ мy мod тιтle? тнιѕ мaĸeѕ ιт eaѕιer ғor everyone ѕo тнey don'т нave тo worry aвoυт a laтe reѕponѕe :)

coммon coυrтeѕy

- cнaracтerѕ need approval вeғore role-playѕ can вe condυcтed

message 3: by QUEEN, Mona E. Trevor (last edited Jul 01, 2016 09:57AM) (new)

QUEEN | 425 comments Mod
as the rules are currently being put together by alma and i, we do have a system where role-plays consiting of more than 2 people has a set order.
the order is the order to which members joined the role-play.

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