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message 1: by Gita (new)

Gita Reddy | 2 comments Knife and Fork by Gita V. Reddy Knife and Fork is free on all amazon stores from 6/29/2016 to 1/7/2016. Please read and review it.

Bholu, a monkey, comes to the city looking for adventure. In a short time he learns city ways and when he returns to the forest, he continues with them.
Knife and Fork is Bholu’s story and how he learns three important lessons:
“Monkey ways are right for monkeys just as human ways are right for human beings.”
“Food and fun are meant to be shared with friends.”
“Losing friends is easy, winning them back is not.”
Also free on all other amazon stores.

message 2: by Martie (new)

Martie Nees Record I bought the book when it first came out. I loved it.

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