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Michael J. Sullivan > AoM: Section 3: Chapters 15-21

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Section 3

Please keep all discussion and speculation to the events of Chapters 15-21.

No spoiler tags required. Though it would be highly appreciated if you Uncheck Add to my Update Feed to avoid accidentally spoiling things for your good read friends.

Please do not discuss events from later sections. Referring back to events from a previous section is fine.

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I'm only partially through this section, but since no one else has posted here, I'm jumping in with some thoughts.

Trilos is talking to the minister, who we learn must have a mustache that he twirls. He wanted to be Theign but was denied the chance to challenge.

He's got plans (not to mention being granted power to kill other Fhrey), and I'm sure he intends to use the Rhune to do it.

So Trilos mentions teaching/giving Fhrey the art. I think with the intention of them wiping out the dwarves? Unless I'm mistaken, I'm terrible at names, and doing this in audio doesn't help that. He's hoping to use the minister to get inside the door by once again setting plans in motion. He even tells him this, but I think the minister is too stupid (or more likely arrogant) to realize he's being used.

Meanwhile lady magic elf (like my name substitutions?) has been hit on the back of the head, by Malcolm. I liked Raith's comment about his "habit". I'm glad she's not being killed. She's a bit arrogant/prejudiced about the Rhune and the Instaria (or however you spell it), but I like her and I think she's wise enough to come around on the matter.

Plus the tree told them to save her. So hopefully she'll be a good ally against the mustache twirling minister.

I'm sure I'll have some more thoughts as I finish this section, but I'm really loving the book so far.

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..and once again I posted stuff in the wrong section. The mods really should do a better job of preventing that sort of thing.

Hopefully no one read my post and got spoiled.

One thought that does belong in this section that I forgot about..

Suri reads the bones and believes a demon named Grin is coming. She assumes the bear, but isn't the mustache twirling elf named Grin-something-or-other?

Tammy I am really liking Arions story, she seems to have potential for compassion but the are raised to believe the rhunes are beneath them. It's good that she lost her powers for now so she can feel more vulnerable.

Gryndal is evil beyond words so I hope alliances are formed when he goes after the people of the Dahl. I think Grin is some sort of demon perhaps connected to a child that was put out into the woods. Maeve seemed to say her name to Suri so there is definitely more to Grin than being a typical bear. She may have a bad grudge.

I am really liking the people of the Dahl, brin, mora, roan and others. Persephone is strong and Suri is wise. Trillions seems very bad and Arion seems to be his link to opening the door. All good stuff!

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Yeah, Arion is a product of her upbringing. Few Fhrey have met a Rhune, so they only know what they are taught. It's a good chance for her to finally learn firsthand.

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