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For any questions team members may have about this event.

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Q&A from the Captains Group:

"Outside of this rule: 'ALL Members MUST read at least 1 book in Heat 1 OR 2. Book 2 of required 3 books for Olympic 3 week event.' Can we place readers anywhere? So, could one person read all four for leg 1 of Heat 1 and the rest of our team be scattered around in the other legs of heats 1 and 2?" - "Yes, there's no rule to not reading one right after another (like Event 1). So as long as all members read a book, any member can read any other books to fill in."

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Lusie (illusie) How long do we have to read a book for this?

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Lusie wrote: "How long do we have to read a book for this?"

Olympics lasts for 3 weeks so in theory that is how long you have to read for this. But books for this event can't be started until heat 1 of event 1 has been completed. Plus we can't start reading for bonus rounds until all the rounds/parts of each of the 5 events has been completed. So, we would want people to read as fast as possible.

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