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John Retherford | 1 comments Hello Dr Campbell,
I recently discovered the BSP late last year and while it has been taking a break I've been working my way through the wonderful archive of premium content. I was recently listening to episode 72 about the neuroscience of magic and illusion. I found it quite fascinating. Coincidentally while I was listening to it and browsing through facebook I past this little video of a baboon being shown a sleight of hand trick.

I'd seem similar videos in the past and they were amusing. Like this

Or this

However, besides the amusement, seeing this while listening to this particular podcast made me pause and think about what I was seeing. It seems like a lot could be learned from observing the susceptibility of various animals to a variety of perceptual illusions. I was wondering if you are aware of much research or writing that explores the effects of these kinds of illusions on various animals and especially what that might say about the evolution and development of our perceptual systems? I've yet to read Sleights of Mind but it sounds fascinating. Does it delve into the evolutionary side of things at all?
Thanks for any input you have to offer. I love what you've created in this podcast. Its quickly risen to be one of my favorites.

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