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Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) Part 3 covers pages 150-222 in the green cover edition, or up to the quote page that says: "My karma ran over my dogma - Bumper sticker."

Remember to only share spoilers that occur up to this section and not beyond!

Let's discuss!
-As we approach the end, whose storyline do you find yourself most invested in now? Has it changed since the beginning of the book?
-If this is a reread for you, are you picking up on more details than you did the first time?

Desmondella (treasuryoftomes) I'm finding the third part of the book to be quite eye-opening and heartbreaking... When I found out what happened to Bridget's mom and Kostos' family, I wanted to cry. What Lena said about people who've lost everything being much more open to love holds very true for me and I could identify with that so much...

I'm pretty annoyed at Carmen's dad... He hasn't even called to talk to her or anything since she's now left and when she got upset at her dad's "new house" with his "new family" and threw the stone through the window, it hurt me that he didn't even go after her to see if she was okay and just continued eating his dinner with his other family members. I extremely disliked how everyone was so oblivious to Carmen's hurt and treated her so invisibly.

At this point, I'm most invested in either Carmen or Tibby's stories but I also want to know if anything romantic will happen between Lena and Kostos because I really want something to! My investments have only slightly altered.

I might finish the book tonight! :)

Mom2triplets04 | 12 comments The dad is so self centered and only cares about himself but of course we know that as he is one of those guys who can't keep commitment hence divorce. He wasn't there for her when she was growing up and he isn't there for her now!

I don't get the 14 and 19 attraction too! The sister at 14 dating older guys.

Hope to finish this today and this weekend watch the movie

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EE (eehornburg) | 32 comments Mod
I'm having a hard time with how quickly everything is happening in the story. Maybe just because I'm so familiar with this first book that I'm breezing through it? But especially with the Kostos and Bailey storylines, we aren't really able to get to know them as much as I had thought we did. Maybe it's just me?

Bridget makes me want to cry. She drives me crazy and with the whole Eric thing I want to shake her and be like "STOP THIS ISN'T GOOD." But then, ugh, I want to hug her. There's just something about Bridget that I'm always drawn into her story and my heart breaks for her.

Then Carmen - WHY IS YOUR DAD DUMB????? Like, seriously. he fills me with so much rage. Your daughter just left and you don't even bother talking to her? I don't get it. WHAT FATHER DOES THAT?

As much as I would like for us to get to know Kostos more and I'm having a hard time getting into Lena's story, I still find myself connecting to her. I find myself doing the same thing with people (and especially in romantic relationships) keeping myself at a distance. So... I want it to get better for her.

And Tibby, I love how we can see her changing because of Bailey. And I LOVED the scene with Brian and the video game. It made me so happy about how into it she got!

Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) I'm going to break my thoughts down by character again.

Lena: I was sure there would be more to the Kostos drama, but I'm laughing that they would BOTH choose that spot to swim around naked. I honestly don't see the reason for Lena suddenly developing romantic feelings towards him unless she's most intrigued by the fact that she was wrong about something.

Tibby: I can see a lot of change in Tibby, due to Bailey but I don't have many thoughts on her for this section. Since I've seen the movie several times, I think I'm just preparing for what I know happens.

Bridget: I was glad to finally see her crash. Not happy about it, but it shows her real depth. It seems like she is trying so hard to fill the void her mom left in her life and she's doing it with all the wrong things right now (boys). This was something I totally would have related to at her age, having both lost my mom and being boy crazy. I think I could relate to how she didn't give up, kept going after her goal to the point of self destruction.

But really, I am also laughing about this sex scene between her and Eric. It said he was waiting up for her, not wanting her to come, and then he walks out in just his boxers. Did he have a condom with him? Like, was he THAT ready? Does he have secret pockets? I guess my pet peeve with YA sex scenes is when they brush over things like that, but I know more recent YA is doing a better job.

Carmen: I'm really conflicted over Carmen's storyline with her dad because I am at a point as an adult where I can see where her dad is coming from, and yet her emotions are written so strongly and take me back to that age. I know when I was a kid and acting out and needing attention, it felt horrible. But also I know my family would sometimes just give me space and let me come home on my own as a way of not pushing me. So, the whole running away, being mad he ate dinner with his family instead of chasing her situation I see more from her dad's side. He had no way of knowing where she went or that she wouldn't be home and was probably just waiting for her to return. She seems to have avoided the family during her whole trip so it probably wasn't unusual for her to miss a dinner.

The thing that I am mad about with him is not going after her AFTER she broke the window, or even making sure she came home that night. And not seeming to care that she took a bus by herself at 15 to get home, and he doesn't even CALL her. THAT is some real crap, but I do think Carmen has been pretty unfair in her treatment of him and the new family too. I would have been that way too, very jealous over a parent, but I don't think she's blameless.

Siiri (smmason14) | 15 comments So I'm going to rank the story lines by one's I am most invested in to least: Carmen, Bridget, Lena, Tibby.

But the funny thing is if you rank them from my favorite to least favorite story line I would probably reverse that order. I think I'm most invested in the ones we have spent the most time with. I agree I want far more Bailey and Tibby, and Lena and Kostos.

Carmen's storyline I see how it is very relatable to many, but I can't connect with it. And I just dislike her dad so much that I'm just not excited about this storyline. But at the same time I think it's been the most developed so far.

Bridget upsets me most of the time, but I liked that we are finally starting to see who she is beneath the surface. I think she reflects the young me when I first went off to college. I think I'm going to like her more as a character as we hopefully see some growth!

Lena, I just want more from her storyline. I feel like we have seen so little of it, and so little of this major love interest! Lena is who I think I currently connect with most personally, but I want more of her!

Tibby, I feel like in the movie this story line shines from what I remember. So going in I was definitely excited about it. But now in this reread I must say I don't think it is very well developed, it feels underwhelming. It's just not how I remember it.

I feel like I am flying through this book. I've read most of it in just two sittings. I think that is partly because of it being multiple POV, but I think it changes them too much. I would've liked to spend a whole chapter with each character. This first book I feel like my feelings for the girls are kind of all over the place and constantly changing, I guess similar to how the book is written. That being said I'm still really enjoying it!

Paige | 3 comments Im sad to say that I really do not care for Tibby's POV. I really dont know why, but its just not interesting for me.

I feel for Carmen SO MUCH!! I think she should be mad at her Dad (I know I am) as well as Lydia and her family. They are welcoming her in their home with closed arms and her Dad seems to not even care about her anymore. She shouldnt feel guilty about her feeling that way (thats personally what I think) either.

Bridget's POV is so fun to read! She is so full of energy, but sometimes I feel Brashares wrote her as this kid in a candy shop where she is constantly bouncing up and down like she took something. I understand being happy and excited, but jeez! Anyone else with me or am I crazy?!

Lena's POV is alright. It's meh for me. That's it.

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