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message 1: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Bunche | 18 comments Hi everyone,

Are there any great examples in contemporary novels of chapter transitions and usage of multiple POVs?

message 2: by Dwayne, Head of Lettuce (new)

Dwayne Fry | 4306 comments Mod
"Going Green" by Christina McMullen has a lot of points of view and it's fantastic.

message 3: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Bunche | 18 comments Thanks Dwayne!

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Well, that's not really multiple POV as much as POV Roulette ;p

message 5: by Ariel (new)

Ariel Alynn | 2 comments Will Grayson Will Grayson?

message 6: by Ian (new)

Ian Bott (iansbott) | 263 comments Maybe I'm being a bit thick, it's been a long day after all, but I'm not sure I understand the question. I mean, I think I understand what the question is asking but not sure why.

Seems to me from my reading that multiple POVs in novels, contemporary and otherwise, is by far the majority. In fact I struggle to think of a novel I've read recently that limited itself to a single POV.

Am I missing the point somewhere?

Regardless, the question did immediately make me think of the Havemercy series of novels by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett. These books have clearly structured transitions and an unusual arrangement of highly disciplined pairings of POVs that I don't think I've seen anywhere else.

message 7: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Bunche | 18 comments Thanks everyone! Great starting suggestions. I love POV Roulette! The term is on point!


message 8: by Charles (new)

Charles Hash | 1054 comments George RR Martin comes to mind.

message 9: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Perry | 43 comments The Overachievers: the secret lives of driven kids by Alexandra Robbins is a book that has multiple POVs

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