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Gerardo Canova | 4 comments Chapter 1
Lying on his embroidered fluffy bed, prince Eathan Sauveterre tussle surrounded by piles of pillows, and hidden underneath the sheer curtains with sew in crystals blinking at the sunset. The tall white carved doors open slowly and pair of silver cloth shoes walk silently in to the room. The warmth smell of coffee being poured filled the room. A gentle breeze blew in through the tall arches, lifting the bed curtains slightly. He stretches and whines, rolling on the bed sheets, clearly tired.
“What time is it, Bonham?” he said slightly opening his iridescent purple eyes.
“Dusk, your highness.” Bonham answered with his deep warmth voice.
“Too early.” Said yawning.
Bonham walked way as silently as he walked in. Eathan sat on the bed, outing his bare feet on the cold ground. He took a deep breath, covered his nude body with a golden sheer robe, grabbed his cup of coffee, and walked towards the arches of his room; his robe opening up as it drags on the floor. The sun began disappearing in the horizon, and the bluish tones of the mountain’s snow in the far distance, greeted him soothingly. His bright eyes looked down on the stone city, with its dome like roofs and the ornamental arc windows, glittering at the sun’s setting light. He sighed while contemplating the beauty of the it all, and taking a deep breath he close his eyes reassuring that all that kingdom one day would be his.
Again the door open behind him and Bonham walked in carrying baby blue, white and gold suit on his hands. He extends the clothes over the bed and waits for Eathan to help him get dress. With no shame, Eathan unrobes his naked body and lets Bonham dress him up. He gently lifts one arm after the other as Bonham puts him every piece of his wardrobe. He’s not done anything every by himself. He always had some servant to do it for him. When he was all dressed, a maid walked in with another silver tray on her hands and set it up in front of a vanity desk, right when she did that, Eathan walked across the room and sat in front of the mirror and stare at his reflection. He combs his hair, sprays perfume over his neck and body, and sighing he stood up and walked towards the door. Eathan`s steps, over the pristine and perfectly polished marble, echoed against the giant pillars across the massive hallway, and the tall walls inside the palace. The portraits of past monarchs and royal family members stare down at him as he directs himself to the dinning room as the king and queen were waiting for him for dinner.
Eathan’s elder brother and sister sat already on the long oak table, and the queen and king on both ends. Two servants open the tall doors leading to the dinning table, as Eathan approaches, so his entrance was swiftly and with no delay.
“Eathan!” Princess Clementine greeted him happily.
He sat in front of his two siblings, with his back straight against the back of his chair and keeping his head held high. Queen Margaret picked a small golden bell and called for the food to be plated. For starters, they got served a light vegetable broth, to open their appetites. The silver spoons went up and down from the soups and only their clinging noise against the porcelain filled the dinning room.
“I can’t wait for the spring ball mamma!” Clementine said as the main course arrived, with plates full of meat, potatoes and vegetables. “The seamstress is coming tomorrow for the fitting of our gowns.”
“I was thinking on getting a new one. Perhaps you too should get another one. Just in case we change our minds.” Queen Margaret said while slicing the meat in her plate.
Eathan, his brother Maximus, and King Alphonse, only listen to the two of them talk about the trivialities of gowns, designs, parties and jewellery. Maximus wasn’t really paying attention and neither King Alphonse, only Eathan listen carefully to the wondrous mysteries of women delighting on fabrics and lavish parties.
“I think this year will be good for you and your brother.” The queen said glancing at Clementine and Eathan. “Maximus is already bestowed to the youngest princess of Aufstandblue, and it’s time for the two of you to find proper suitors.”
Maximus hits the table with his fist with great anger at his mother’s reminder of his arrange marriage. The king frowned his bushy eyebrows and direct him a stern look. He hasn’t said much during the whole meal, but the sudden burst of anger from his eldest son and heir to the crown, gave him the reasons to open his mouth.
“Maximus!” The king yelled.
“I won’t marry a stranger.” He answered moving his head towards his father direction but avoiding eye contact, almost not wanting to confront him, even though he found it conflictive with his impulses.
“We won’t talk about that again.” He said. “Your marriage was arranged before your birth, and even before mine.” Leaving his cutlery over his porcelain plate.
“But what if I already love someone?” Maximus lift his eyes to look directly at his father’s eyes. Eathan stared at the battle between his brother’s hazel eyes and his father’s bright, green eyes.
“I don’t find that conversation adequate for a meal.” Queen Margaret said putting her foot down and stopping the argument before it escalated.
“I already lost my appetite.” Maximus said as he throws his white napkin over his plate. “May I be excuse?”
“No!” the king said while at the same time the queen also answered the contrary, “Sure!” she said, and the two shared confused glances as none of them agreed with each other with the matter. But queen Margaret’s stare had a secret message only King Alphonse could decipher.
“You can retire.” The queen said.
Maximus sighed, stood up and walked away from the same doors Eathan came in.
“Well I am definitely looking forwards to meeting any suitable bachelors at the spring ball.” Clementine kept going with her delirium over the ball.
Suddenly Eathan found himself dreaming over his own life. He wasn’t the first in line for the throne, so his marriage wasn’t that important, yet at the same time, if he didn’t marry the right girl in favour of the crown, he would have to consider himself a failure. Just over the raspberry sorbet he realizes how he has loss time. When the whole dinner was done the whole family retires for the conservatory to easily digest the meal and enjoy the accomplishments of Clementine in the piano.
King Alphonse lit a cigar, while the queen continues her reading of one of her thick books and Eathan seats listening to his sister’s melody. Clementine had a lot of accomplishments but music was her best asset. The soothing notes could calm anyone who listened to her play. Eathan looked through the windows at the gardens. A slight breeze hits the trees and it was the perfect sight for his sister’s melody.
A door slammed surprised them all making them jump on their seats and immediately, Clementine stopped playing. Queen Margaret gave a quick glance at the King whom already was at the edge of his chair.
“What was that papa?” Clementine asked bringing her hand up to her chest visibly scared.
“Maximus!” Eathan said at them, as he looks how his brother rode his horse out of the palace through the gravel entrance.
Clementine stepped quickly at the tall window and with her hands on the cold glass she leaned in them trying to have a look at her brother’s strange night ride. Following her queen Margaret leaned behind the two of them. The King walks out of the conservatory, storming through the palace, while the guards and few court members looked at him in awe. Eathan decided to go to the balcony as a few guards rode after his brother Maximus. The cold breeze of the night blew against his body. His cheeks and nose blushed for the sudden strike of coldness.
“Something is wrong mama.” He said when sensed her presence behind him, her dress sliding over the floor and the sweet scent of her personal perfume. She wrapped her arm around his seeking warmth from the cold.
“The night is still, it’s not a good sign.” She said. “Let’s go back in.”
Suddenly a commotion burst in the distance at the main gates.
“What is that?” he said stopping her from pulling him back inside.
A group of soldiers rode in the palace precincts escorted by the same guards that went after Maximus.
“I do think we should go back in.” she pulled his arm firmly.
Not bothering about his mother or his sister, he walked pass them. “Stay here.” He said and shut the door behind him.
At the main hall the noise from armours and men breathing deeply was hitting the walls of the palace. Eathan ran towards the noise and hid himself behind a column, where he could watch the men lay around in front of his father and a few court men, advisors to the crown. He has never seen his father in astonishment, but also he has never seen anyone injured inside the palace. The men looked like dogs licking their wounds scattered on the floor of the main hall.
“What’s the matter?!” King Alphonse demanded an answer for all the nonsense that was happening in the palace.
“Your majesty.” One of the men sighed. He was also as badly wounded as the rest, but seemed to be the leader of the pack, helping the rest recover. “I am Captain Dugan from the sapphire cove regime…” he catch his breath and swallow a little saliva. “We got attacked by some strange creatures five days ago.” He cleaned his face from the sweat and blood. “We are the only survivors.” His voice trembled. “Those things, were savage, with a thirst for death.”
“Captain Dugan, you are making no sense.” The king took a deep breath. “Settle your men here for the night. I will expect to talk to you tomorrow when you are more calmed.” And he turned around and walked away followed by his advisors. Eathan ran to his room before his father could see him eavesdropping.
Queen Margaret stumble with King Alphonse on the way back to her chambers. They didn’t exchange any words, he only let her walked into their room and he followed her. Her baby blue dress disappeared inside the room, the king’s advisors waited for him to go in and stay outside the door for a couple of seconds after he was already in. Two ladies in waiting came in and start undressing the queen and taking her jewellery away and saving in it in her golden, diamond incrusted box.
Her long brown hair fell down her back with its wavy curls. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as the ladies took charge of her wardrobe. The king’s valet walked in, just as the queen was getting her sleeping gown on and her sheer robe over it. The king started changing his clothes faster then the queen, which all fell down to the reason that women dresses had more pieces than men. When the two of them were tucked in their massive bed, the queen sighed and asked what was going on in the palace.
“I haven’t figure that out yet.” He said with his particular lower voice.
“What about Maximus?” she asked brushing her hair a little more than what the ladies did.
“I don’t worry about him.” He grunted. “He is probably at some pub or brothel in town.”
“Oh dear! If anybody sees him in a brothel it will be bad reputation for the crown.” Putting her brush down.
“I don’t think that would happen.”
In a far away mountain passage, an eerie scream rumbled against the walls of the rocky cave and scarily nails scratching the rock. At the edge of the opening of the passage, the sinuous curves of a woman, emerges from the dark shadows. She looked down at the valley with her seductive turquoise eyes, as her obsidian skin glow under the moonlight, her long dark, wavy hair moved savagely at the gentle cold breeze of the night, and her hands play with the tall, black diamond neckpiece, and her dress wrapped around her body, not leaving anything to the imagination. She exudes sensuality and pleasure. From the back of her dress a long sheer train, looses itself in the depths of the mountain; but from the depths, growls and laughs came rushing out. Gerardo Canova

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Gerardo Canova | 4 comments I would appreciate any feedback! thank you! :)

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