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message 1: by Srividya (last edited Jun 21, 2016 01:43AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) Blurb

John Turner, a young man with a checkered past, has been told he has just one year to live. He decides to use his remaining time in search of three very different men he met in the hospital during the war, each of them in trouble of some kind: a pilot whose wife had betrayed him, a young corporal charged with killing a civilian in a brawl, and a black G.I. wrongly accused of the attempted rape of a white English girl. As Turner discovers where these men have landed on the checkerboard of life, he learns about compassion, tolerance, and second chances, and overcomes his fear of death.

Join Rebecca and me as we read and discuss this book. Spoilers to be marked within spoiler tags.

Rebecca | 272 comments Saw this just now. Was planning to remind you. I finished the first chapter and am loving it. It looks like my sort of book.

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) You wound me!!! :( :P Would I ever do that to you? ;)

I will start it tonight. Am glad that you are liking it. I have been wanting to read this one since ages!

Jaya *Disclaimer: Am going to actively linger here*

Indrani Sen I am also joining in :)

I have reached where Turner has started telling his wife. I am liking it very much so far.

How far have you guys reached?

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) That's great! :)

I am around the same place as you Indrani. I am also loving it so far.

Indrani Sen I made some more progress today. Turner is in Burma. The book is lovely. Really enjoyed the bit about Americans in a British village. and now the Burma scenes are so well written. I want to go to Burma too.

Where are you guys?

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) Am still in the third chapter Indrani but that was because I was reading something else. Will continue with this one tomorrow but I might just go a little slow.

Burma is a wonderful place, at least that's what I have heard from all my friends who have been there. Hoping to go there soon! :)

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) You know the best part about Nevil Shute is that he writes really well and he makes his characters realistic. I found that with A Town Like Alice as well as Trustee from the Toolroom. They aren't really extraordinary characters but their presence is quite extraordinary and I think it is largely due to his writing.

Rebecca | 272 comments I am in the part where Turner reminisces with his wife. Want to read more but life is pretty busy right now.

Indrani Sen Srividya wrote: "You know the best part about Nevil Shute is that he writes really well and he makes his characters realistic. I found that with A Town Like Alice as well as [book:Trustee from the Too..."

I am definitely going to read more of his books.

message 12: by Jaya (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jaya I'd add In the Wet and the Pied Piper to the reccos

Indrani Sen Cool. Thanks

Indrani Sen How are you guys progressing?

Rebecca | 272 comments I am at page 223. Where Morgan has almost completed his story.

Rebecca | 272 comments I finished 5 stars! Enjoyed it immensely. Sri are you finished?

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