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Maria | 36 comments thanks! so what are you into?? :)

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Maria | 36 comments I lean more toward realistic stuff and I like a bit of romance, but not insta love. I can be either gender too. Any ideas?

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Maria | 36 comments They all sound great! I really like ideas 1 and 4 though. Which do you like the best?

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Maria | 36 comments I honestly don't mind either way. Both sound great! Which do you want to be? Its your idea after all :)

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Maria | 36 comments Okay. I'm cool with being the girl ^ ^ and yeah that sounds fine!

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Maria | 36 comments K, I'll work on mine too!

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Maria | 36 comments Katrina "Kat" Knowles

Age: 17

Gender: Female


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Maria | 36 comments yes, please. and sorry if i don't answer tonight. i have to go to bed soon. :/

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Maria | 36 comments ((sorry if this is a bit crappy! :/ i'll get better as we go on, i promise.))

Kat's morning was not off to the best start. For one thing, she had slammed snooze on her alarm about twenty times before finally deciding to roll lazily out of bed. After living on the farm her entire life, Kat usually found it easy to wake with her alarm at five a.m., even on the weekends. In fact, most mornings she was awake and pulling on her boots before then. But today was one of those rare days that Kat wished she could simply languish in bed for an indeterminate amount of time. She wanted to curl up into her thick, warm quilt and not wake up for a long time. She found herself wishing she lived in a normal house in the Suburbs, as opposed to Sacred Heart Ranch. She knew that she and her mother did great work, helping these troubled teens get their lives on track, but today she didn't care about any of that. She was exhausted and vaguely annoyed by the fact that she must get up.

Kat groaned tiredly as she pulled on a pair of old jeans with paint stains permanently etched on them from helping her mother and their patients repaint the barn last year. She pulled on her well- worn cowboy boots and an old plaid work shirt while she was at it, tying her hair into a messy ponytail. Her hair scarcely did what she asked of it anyway, so she had grown used to allowing the thick, wavy brown strands do whatever they wanted. After rushing her teeth quickly and then inspecting herself in the mirror, Kat forced her tired carcass out of her room.

When she came downstairs, Kat found her mom at the kitchen table. Despite the fact that it was the early hour of six in the morning, Mrs. Knowles raised her eyebrows at Kat. "I was wondering when you would come down, dear," She said. "I was just about to come wake you."

"I know," Kat replied. Her stomach growled, and she grabbed some orange juice along with an apple from table."I overslept a bit," She said around a bite of her fruit. "Don't worry, though. I'll have the horses fed and cleaned by the time that new recruit gets here."

Mrs. Knowles smiled and nodded. "I know you will," She said fondly. Then she stood and put down her newspaper as she tipped back the rest of her coffee. "I'd better go wake up the kids. There's work to be done, you know?" Kat smiled knowingly. There was always work to be done at Sacred Heart.

She finished her orange juice and apple then quickly hustled outside, annoyed at herself for getting even a little behind schedule. She was just glad that someone new would be coming to the ranch. They needed all the help they could get keeping this place from going under. Lately Kat had noticed her mother pouring more sternly over taxes and counting up the money. Things had been a bit tight, and if the ranch didn't start saving money, they could very well go under. Kat loved this place, and she hoped to inherit it someday. No way was she letting it die, even if she had to work twice as hard to keep it up. The recruits helped a lot since they were free labor, and Kat was elated to have another one coming.

She was feeding the horses, humming to herself, when the familiar black car that always brought in the new teens pulled up. The back seat opened to reveal a boy about her age. He wore a knit grey beanie and some sun glasses. His clothes were very stylish, if a little preppy. Kat shook her head a bit. Those were not working clothes. They'd have to fix him up with something new. He pushed some stylishly messy brown hair out of his eyes, squinting in the sun. It was early, but this was Arizona, after all. Things got hot and sunny fast around here. The boy looked vaguely disgusted by what he saw, a look Kat had grown to know well. She had learned long ago that not everyone shared her adoration of the ranch. In fact, most people hated it when they first got here. However, by the time they left almost all of the teens told Kat they wished they could stay longer. They really did feel a sense of family and belonging after working alongside her and about ten other kids for a summer. She expected this boy to soon grow to love the place as much as her. How could he not?

Kat finished feeding a black mare then squirted some hand sanitizer into her palms, rubbing it in. She turned and plastered a smile on her friendly face. "Hi!" She called, walking over to the boy. She stopped in front of him and stuck out her hand out for him to shake. "Welcome to Sacred Heart Ranch. I'm Kat. My mom owns the place."

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Maria | 36 comments ((don't worry about it, yours is fine too! <3)

Kat was very used to the annoyed glares that the recruits always gave her. Usually, the recruits fell into two camps on the first day. They showed up still half high or drunk from their last fix, trying desperately to appear normal even though Kat could tell they were high out of their minds. She was a country girl, not an idiot. After all, she'd been raised around addicts. She could spot one a mile away. Sometimes these recruits would try to flirt with her. Usually the boys, but she'd had her share of girls trying to charm her. She never went out with anyone who came to the ranch, though. She was aware they only wanted her because they thought it would get them out of working for the summer. Not to mention, it was bad for business.

If not that, then the recruits showed up dead tired and slowly entering withdrawals. They were pale with bags under their eyes and annoyed to even be apart of this ranch, unwilling to do whatever work necessary. By the way this boy raised his eyebrows at her outstretched hand and told her his name was Ash without the slightest hint of a smile, Kat knew he fell into the second camp.

Ash was handsome, in that way that many people at the ranch were. He had the whole bad boy with a record and puncture wounds in his arm thing going for him. He didn't impress her too much. Besides, Kat had a boyfriend. Chad. He was blonde, muscular, tanned, and most importantly rich. They'd been dating off and on since freshman year. Mrs. Knowles was friends with his mom and even though neither of them ever said it, Kat knew they expected her and Chad to end up together. And why not? Chad's money could secure their ranches future forever. If Kat married him after high school, they'd have enough money to keep this place going comfortably for a long time. What more could she ask for? Love? She loved the ranch, and Chad could give her that. So, in a weird round about way, she supposed she loved Chad. Or at least she told herself that to stay comfortable with the idea of spending her life with him.

"So, how's this going down?" Ash asked, looking around with that same What am I doing here? look on his face. "I just saddle up and feed the horses or something?" He asked, the annoyance clearly permeating his voice. Kat could guess his thoughts were the same as everyone else's when they first got here When do I leave?

She pushed down her own surge of annoyance, keeping the smile forced on her face. "Well, first we'll have to get you into some half decent work clothes. You're not in Los Angeles anymore, Ash. And those," She gestured to his clothes. "Don't really work out here." A gust of wind blew some hair into her face, and she pushed it aside. "So, let's get you into your cabin and out of those clothes, shall we?"

Without waiting for much of a response, Kat turned on her heels and headed for a patch of cabins behind the house. She pushed open the door to the boys cabin, where five other guys slept. They had all been recently awoken by Mrs. Knowles, and were groggily making their ways out of bed. "Hi, guys!" Kat called brightly as she pushed open the door and ushered Ash in. "This is Ash. Ash, this is everyone."

She gestured to a boy with messy dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "I think Kevin here is about your size," She told Ash. "Kevin, you don't mind giving up some work clothes to Mr. Big City Boy over here, do you? Something tells me he doesn't have anything to wear."

Kevin chuckled tiredly and nodded. "For sure," He agreed, reaching into his dresser drawer and pulling out an old red flannel and some jeans. He chucked them at Ash and said, "Here you go, Pretty Boy."

"Thanks, Kevin," Kat called over her shoulder as she steered Ash over to an empty bed near the back of the cabin. "Here's where you'll be sleeping for the next few months," She gestured. "The one quilt is usually good enough, especially in the summer, but if you need more don't hesitate to ask. We have plenty extra in the house. The night stand has enough drawers for most people's clothes," She paused and looked at Ash's bulging suit case. "Although, you may need to keep some of yours packed up. Mom will go through your suit case later today though, so I'd suggest throwing out anything inappropriate you may have now." She laughed a bit to herself and added, "Oh, and everyone gets showers either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I suggest the night shower because you'll need it after a long day of working in the hot sun, but it's totally up to you. We have three showers in there," She pointed to the back of the cabin where a door was labeled "bathroom". "So, most evenings you'll have to wait for someone to finish before you can go in. And don't worry; they're closed off so you don't have to worry about everyone seeing your butt when they come in."

Kat continued running through the house rules, letting her mouth do the work for her while she sat back and watched. She'd recited the list a million times. Sometimes the listener ignored her and broke them later; sometimes they got spooked and heeded her advice. Either way, it was policy to drone on about it for ten minutes or so. When she was done with the rules, Kat smiled and finished, "Okay, that's it! Now just get changed and meet up with the rest of us at the barn for your work schedule for today."

With that, Kat turned on her heels and brushed past Ash and out the door, followed by a few wolf whistles from some of the more daring boys and "Bye, Kat"s from the more respectful ones.

She had a feeling today was going to be a long day.

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Maria | 36 comments Kat headed back outside and finished feeding the horses, cleaning out their stalls with a stealthiness that only became possible after years of working at the ranch. Most of the time, watching her work left the other teens at the center breathless and surprised. "Who knew such a small girl could be so strong?" they'd gasp admiringly or mutter in annoyance, "Well, Geez, why do they even need us? Why not just have her do anything?" Despite the admonishments, Kat was well aware that they were in dire need of the other teens work. In fact, the recruits were 99% of the reason that the ranch hadn't gone under yet. And they still weren't out of the woods for that one.

As she was finishing, Kat's mother came into the barn with a stack of papers. Since it was Monday, her mother would be giving out the weekly schedules. The teens would be split into two groups, and Kat would oversee one while her mom would oversee the other. "I see the new boy got here," She said. "I checked his bag and it looks good, though he didn't seem to enjoy it. I can already tell we're gonna have an attitude problem on our hands with that one."

Kat rolled her eyes as she tossed some leftover hay into a pale. "Don't we always? He'll give in eventually, just like everyone else."

"Geez, Kat, you make it sound like we're beating these poor kids down." Her mom teased, ruffling Kat's messy hair a bit.

Kat grinned moderately, patting down her hair in mock annoyance, but privately thought Aren't we though? They were trying to beat down a fundamental part of these kids. Sure, they were doing something great for them. But they were trying to kill the addict or criminal in them. Surprisingly, it worked most of the time. Still, there were those sad stories of the kid that they though they had helped who ended up dead or in prison later. Kat tried not to think about those stories. It made the work they did seem so much more hollow.

Everyone began showing up at the barn door where they normally met up, ready to be given their chores. Kat noticed the way that Ash didn't attempt to join a group. The recovery center was sometimes a bit like school; everyone had their groups. Although they mixed a bit, people all had the friends they had made in the beginning of their stay. There was the group of boys that constantly catcalled and flirted with all the girls, which was made up of Aron, Cody, and Scott. Then there was the group of gossiping girls made up of Kaitlynn, Nancy, and Celia. And of course, Kat's favorite group, the group of teens who were actually here of their own accord, trying to make their lives better. They were made up of Christina, Ethan, Xander, and Mia. On occasion Kat joined their group when working, but less so lately. Chad had taken to coming to the farm and glaring at any boy who made an attempt at talking to Kat. Hence, Xander and Ethan kept their distance, which also kept Mia and Christina away. It sucked, but Kat was used to it. Luckily, Chad was at football practice today, so she could actually talk to her friends.

"Alright, kids! Schedule time!"Kat's mom said with genuine enthusiasm. Even after all these years and heartbreak, Mrs. Knowles was able to continue caring. That in and of itself must have been a job. Kat had to admit she admired her for it.

"Joy of all joys," muttered Xander, who's black hair was still rumpled from sleep, hazel eyes tired.

Mia nudged his shoulder, admonishing, "Xander, it's not so bad. You and I can work together. Just one month left here, right?"

Xander perked up at that, nodding, though he still looked grumpy and tired. Mrs. Knowles distributed the schedules to all the teens and then said, "Alright, get to work!" She turned and went with the group that was supposed to shoe the horses. Mrs. Knowles didn't just talk about working; she lived it. That way the kids could never complain that she didn't get her nails dirty with them.

Kat turned to the remaining teens, who's job was to do some repairs on the fence. Luckily, she mostly got people she liked. There was Xander, Mia, Ethan, Christina, and Kaitlynn. Kaitlynn groaned dramatically when Nancy and Celia left. She complained endlessly about being seperated from 'her girls', popping her pink bubble gum while twisting her long blonde hair around her fingers. Kat also ended up with the new guy, Ash. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about him yet.

"Alright. Let's get this over with so we can eat some burgers, right?" Kat said. She was definitely still tired, and food already sounded great. She couldn't imagine how hungry she'd be after a few hours of hard work.

Ethan hooted in agreement, and Christina elbowed him. He looked over at her sheepishly, brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. He touched her olive skin and teased, "Sorry, mamasita."

Christina rolled her eyes. "I've told you a million times to never call me that."

Ethan ignored her as they traipsed toward the fence.

The group got to work. Most of the people in the group were having fun. Mia was joking with Xander, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement as he taught her some Japanese. Xander was half Japanese, and Mia was Jamaican. They both were also huge nerds, despite the fact that they'd both been mixed up in some seedy stuff. Mostly they were involved in gangs and drugs because their families were. Now they were trying to break away from that. So, in the spirit of learning and general nerdiness, they had a bit of a cultural exchange going on. Mia taught him some Jamaican as long as Xander taught her some Japanese. They were deep in conversation about some phrase, yet working hard at the same time.

Ethan and Christina were flirting like always. From her side of the fence, she could hear Ethan teasing, "Mamasita, I do believe you are using that lug wrench all wrong. Necisitas ayudas?" He reached over and helped her screw in a bolt the correct way. Christina rolled her eyes and hit his toned shoulder, muttering, "I can't believe you're learning Spanish just to annoy me in my native language. So not fair!" Ethan snorted, and Kat didn't ignore the way his hand lingered on her arm for a few extra seconds after he helped her right the wrench. He winked his blue eyes, and muttered, "You love it." Christina brushed her long black hair out of her eyes, muttered something under her breath that sounded suspiciously like Unfortunately. Kat knew it was just a matter of time before those two got together.

Kaitlynn was obviously bored. She was one of their worst workers; she never did anything. She, along with Nancy and Celia, seemed to think it was her job to stand around and look pretty. She was leaned up against the fence, her hip strategically jutted out to emphasize her curves. She was clearly annoyed at the lack of male attention coming her way. Xander was too busy trying to explain some verb agreement to Mia, and Ethan didn't have eyes for any girl that wasn't Christina lately. As a result, Kaitlynn ended up talking to the one eligible boy present. She was soon trying to flirt with Ash.

After a while of pursuing him, Kaitlynn leaned forward to show her cleavage over the fence, popping her gum and licking her cherry red lips. "Your name is Ash? That is so cute!" She was exclaiming. Kat was beginning to feel more than a little bad for the poor guy, who seemed to be doing his best to keep his eyes on his lug wrench.

Finally taking pity on Ash, Kat called, "Ash, c'mere. I think this spot could use some work too!" Kaitlynn shot her an annoyed look, but Kat ignored it.

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Maria | 36 comments ((oh, sure. sorry! i'll edit it. I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong, but i get how it would be obnoxious if you had other plans for you character. Sorry!))

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Maria | 36 comments ((No problem! I changed it. c:))

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Maria | 36 comments ((sorry this is late, short, and a bit crap. life has been busy and writer's block sucks. :/))

Kaitlynn huffed a little when Ash firmly told her that she could call him by his full name. She flicked her long, thick, blonde hair over her lightly tanned shoulders, rolling her green eyes. Apparently this girl was not used to not receiving the attention of every male present. She glared daggers at Kat, a promise to get her back in her eyes. Kat just snickered under her breath in reply, causing Kaitlynn to huff and declare, "I have to go to the bathroom." Kat opened her mouth to protest, but Kaitlynn was already stomping off like a petulant five year old. Kat sighed. Her mom would make her explain why Kaitlynn wasn't working later. She was so not looking forward to that conversation.

Kat was vaguely surprised when Ash thanked her, but she shrugged. "No problem. I could tell you needed some saving." She turned back to her lug wrench and went back to tightening a bolt. She nearly jumped out of her skin when Ash added, "Is she like that with all the guys?"

Not just one sentence, but two? That was more than a little surprising. Kat had been expecting this Ash kid to keep silent for a few weeks. But Kat was notoriously friendly, so she didn't let her surprise show too much. She just let out a soft laugh. "Just the ones with pulses," She replied.

"You should've seen her when Ethan first got here. She was all over him for a good week," Christina chimed in. "Although Mr. Flirt over here was loving the attention and all over her too."

"I was not all over her!" Ethan protested, even though Kat recalled that time period and he totally was. But then, you know, Christina came along and as they got closer he lost all interest in flirting with anyone that wasn't her. "I was just being nice," he maintained.

Christina rolled her eyes pointedly and continued working with her wrench. Mia jumped in and added, "She was even all over Xander when he first got here," She added. "'Oh, Xander, you're so very smart! I wish my boyfriend was as smart as you!'" She mock fawned, mimicking Kaitlynn. Xander blushed lightly, shrugging. "Yeah, we've all been there, man," he told Ash.

Kat turned to Ash, noting his slightly shaky hands and sweaty brow. She noticed the symptoms of withdrawal slowly setting in when she saw them. Ash would likely spend his night puking in front of a rust ringed toilet. He'd be so shaky tomorrow that they'd likely have to let him rest a few days. He'd be grouchy and angry about not getting his fix for a while, but after he got to work and made friends, he'd be glad that he was forced here. Kat had seen this situation with scores of patients before and she was sure she'd see it many times after Ash left. As long as she managed to stick with Chad and keep the family business from going under, of course. Which she totally would. So what if she didn't love him? Love was over-rated, anyway. All love ever did was hurt you. I mean, look at her mom. She'd loved Kat's dad, and that jerk had left them. So, yeah, Kat figured it was safe to say she'd be around at the farm for a while. She was never going to let her emotions get in the way of what she wanted. She was never going to fall in love.

Pulling herself out of her slightly melancholic thoughts, Kat quietly said to Ash, "Listen, if you start to feel really sick or working gets to be too much, just let me know. I can tell mom and you can go get some rest." She hoped she wasn't over-stepping her boundaries. Some people got defensive when she gave this little speech when they first arrived, and Kat wasn't sure which camp Ash was in. She just figured he should know not to over work himself.

She put back on her smile before he could reply, asking, "So, Ash, where are you from?" She figured that this was a safe question. She definitely knew better than to ask what landed him here. That might come out later, but people got really pissed if you ever asked that question on the first day.

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Maria | 36 comments Okay, that's fine. I actually have a lot on my plate too, so I understand. Maybe another time! :)

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