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dateDown arrow    newest » (prufreadsblogspotcom) | 16 comments I apologize upfront for any typos as I am on my phone and well, it hates me...

any who, again, apologies for what will be a lengthy post. Here is my problem...

I currently have a blogger blog that is strictly dedicated to books. I want to broaden my blogging to an all around lifestyle/anything goes kind of thing.

On top of that, I am close to finishing my first book and will soon be ready to join social media under my pen name. This will be a completely seperate identity from my lifestyle type blog.

Now the question(s) that come to mind, do I create a seperate blog for the 'lifestyle' blog and keep my existing book blog or do I start all over and combine the two? Should my blog have twitter, fb, pinterest etc?

From the author perspective, website, fb, twitter? would it be ok for me to keep my book blog once I publish my own work or should I combine it with my author blog?

ugh, my head is spinning. Advice? thank u a million in advance!

message 2: by Zee (new)

Zee Monodee (zee_monodee) | 47 comments I think you should combine the two. Because readers when looking you up aren't looking just for your books - they want to connect with the person behind the books, and oftentimes, they will align or not with what the author shares 'personally'. At least, that's my experience. I've found my life so far, and me talking about it, gives me the 'cred' to have the life lessons to back up and enrich my writing. I write about life, relationships, with a strong dose of family in there, and these are the angles I also use to 'share' myself on social media and on my blog.
It doesn't need to be you sharing everything, but an aspect of you, the person behind the writer, needs to be out there as this is what readers will connect with.
Hope this helps! :)

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 785 comments You could combine them or keep them separate, it depends on what content you cover in your "lifestyle" blog. The idea is you want to be able to have everything in one place but if your posting content sometimes that the followers of the other blog aren't a fan of then chances are you want to keep them separate.

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