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message 1: by Jake (new)

Jake Wallace (jcwallace) | 8 comments Couldn't decide what folder to put this into - Hope I can explain this so it's understood.

1- Until the beginning of this year, I wrote under JC Wallace when I started writing under my full name Jake C. Wallace.
2 - All of my self-published books are now Jake C. Wallace.
3 - 3 of my books are out of print because my publisher closed. One is already self-published under Jake C. Wallace. the other 2 will be republished by Dreamspinner under Jake C. Wallace. In all, only one of my books and 2 anthologies stories will keep JC Wallace.
4 - My readers now know me as Jake C. Wallace. My JC Wallace profile has my friends and followers that I don't want to lose.
5 - Someone made a Jake C. Wallace profile and added 2 of my books. I didn't create it.

If you understood all of that I need to know if I can change my name on my profile from JC Wallace to Jake C Wallace
and delete the Jake C. Wallace profile I didn't create. Let me know what is possible in this situation. Thanks.


message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44647 comments Mod
Since Jake C. Wallace is a more complete version of J.C. Wallace, which entirely includes the latter, Goodreads policy allows us to move all your books to Jake C. Wallace and make that the name on your profile. I have done so.

(Note: Going in the reverse direction would be far more complex, and would not allow us to replace the more complete name with the less complete one.)

message 3: by Jake (new)

Jake Wallace (jcwallace) | 8 comments Thank you so much. I am glad you understood my dilemma. I am grateful. :)

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