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Gabbo Parra (lordgabux) | 19 comments * Title: The Pompeiian Horse
* Author name: Gabbo de la Parra
* ISBN: 9781311845672
* Publisher: Kidwell-Lovely
* Publication date: 06-17-2016
* Format: epub
* Description: Prime Centurion Vettius returns to Pompeii, his hometown, after many years away, fighting countless battles to keep the Roman Empire safe. During this almost forced vacation, he discovers something he wasn’t expecting in the populous sea resort. He debates between accepting it and leaving Pompeii, because facing the implications of his discovery is too complicated.
Equus the Stallion is a former gladiator living a different life now. He’s Pompeii’s sweetheart, beloved and adored by almost everyone. Those who don’t love him envy him or have even darker motives to wish him ill. Still, he’s a celebrity and stays in everyone’s mind and heart.
When Equus and Vettius discover what they are to each other’s past (one spared the life of the other a long time ago), their present becomes conflicted in more than one way, because life is not easy in the Roman Empire, especially when you are on opposite ends of the social ladder.
Readers beware; this story contains mock battles, real battles, and gory battles. It also contains naughty man-on-man foreplay in secluded places and “throw your sandals away” intercourse. All characters portrayed in this book are age 18 or older. For adults only.
* Page count: 164

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Gabbo Parra (lordgabux) | 19 comments Thank you, Dobby!

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