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message 1: by Teesa (new)

Teesa Mee (goodreadscomTeesa_Mee) | 1 comments My name is mispelled as Teese Mee instead of Teesa Mee
* Title: Warrior Women Poetry Collection
* Author(s) name(s) Ms T Lee Hunt (Author), Ms Sharon Johnson (Contributor), Ms Alison Caruso (Contributor), Ms Paulie Dee (Contributor), Ms Lea Winkelman (Contributor), Ms Zorha R Edwards (Contributor), Ms Zarah Rhodes (Contributor), Ms Deanna Powers (Contributor), Ms Teese Mee (Contributor), Ms Amber Escalera (Contributor)
* ISBN (or ASIN): ISBN-10: 1533666776
ISBN-13: 978-1533666772
* Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
* Publication date: May 14, 2016
* Format: Kindle and paperback
* Description: Warrior Women Poetry is a collection of poetry, designed to uplift women who feel there is no hope, whether its Domestic Violence, loss, depression. We hear you and you are not alone.
* Page count: 74
* Link to cover:

message 2: by Dobby (last edited Jun 18, 2016 10:13AM) (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3519 comments Working on it... Done.

The Kindle edition was already on Goodreads: Warrior Women: Poetry Collection. I corrected primary author name to T. Lee Hunt, per Goodreads policy requiring a period after an initial. Your name was actually misspelled in the Kindle edition as "Tessa." I added "Teesa Mee," which makes "Tessa" the pen name of a pen name, after a fashion. :-)

Added the paperback edition: Warrior Women: Poetry Collection

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