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A_Light_In_The_Dark_Wood | 2 comments Someone says a quote and you have to guess who says it. Or someone gives a fact on a character and you have to guess who it is.

A_Light_In_The_Dark_Wood | 2 comments Or a more contesty type of thing, you could have someone do a drawing? An aesthetic? A fanfiction? I don't know these are jsut some ideas

message 3: by Wolfie (new)

Wolfie Sierra | 2 comments I like the quote idea. Seems fun

message 4: by Stetina (new)

Stetina Stetina (stetinator) | 5 comments What about a writing contest. Where people write about fave characters

message 5: by Klai (new)

Klai Khouloud | 5 comments I think the quote idea is the best to get this group more active and we can go from there once everyone will participate more suggestions will come from different people.

message 6: by becca (new)

becca | 2 comments What about people make up another character that would be friends with someone in the story who had the choice to change the series but they didn’t?

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