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message 1: by BlackSheep (new)

BlackSheep | 15 comments Hopefully someone can help me remember this book title of a book I read/ skimmed about more than 30 years ago, when I was in school and swapping illicit romance paperbacks with friends.

I remember some of the explicit scenes because I think the book shocked my teen-aged mind back then. Would be great to re-read it now and see what How I feel.

Some thinngs I remember : -
- I thought it was by Phoebe Conn (not sure why!?) but skimming thru her book list, nothing match.
- it was set in anciet Egypt. H was called Jared and was owned by the Pharoah or something. h was sent as a gift concubine to the Pharoah.
- there was a scene that she was tied to pole in the middle of the village as punishment because she tried to run away, did not want to be added to the Pharoah's harem. H came upon her and freed her. Somehow, after a few meetings, they DID the deed.
- the H was sent away on some mission and h could not escape her destiny to be taken by the Pharoah. (Somehow, the Pharoah had not bedded her yet)
- she was told some story about another would-be concubine who tried to runaway from being taken by the Pharoah, and ended up being brutally raped , disfigured and left for dead in the desert by thugs. She was found and brought back to the harem and used as an example to others.
- h plotted how she could fool the pharoah that she was a virgin. She smeared chicken blood on the thighs after the pharoah took her that night.
- she became the pharoah's favorite concubine after that night.
- i dont remember the rest of the book.nnly that Jared came back in the last 1/4 of the book, and they somehow got a HEA.

Any help? It is an old, old book. Definitely not Zebra books.

message 4: by BlackSheep (new)

BlackSheep | 15 comments I cant tell from the book blurb if it is the book or not:(
i borrowed the the book for a handful of days in my teens and cant only remember the explicit bits and the H's name is Jared.
Thanks though. Looks like an interesting book.

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