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Interview with the Vampire remake?!?!?!

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I stumbled upon a quite interesting source yesterday (below)

Now, generally I would be excited about this however, I'm not! I'm actually very upset that this Boone is taking an already perfect movie and remaking it into something else. I think I am also upset that Boone is the one remaking it because, he is the one who directed "The Fault In Our Stars" that is a freaking TEEN DRAMA movie! Interview with the vampire is a very sophisticated, gothic romance, adult movie. I am slightly terrified that Boone is just going to butcher it. Furthermore, Boone is not just remaking Interview with the Vampire but, he is also going to be directing the rest of the Vampire Chronicles. I honestly don't know that he is the right guy to be doing this type of project but, this is all just my opinion of course.

I know a lot of people are happy about the remake and upcoming films for the series (based on comments/reviews) and some are standing at the same angle I am and are saying "no way!" (thank you fellow supporters) so how you guys feel about it?

Also Jerid Leto will be playing Lestat! I really don't like that at all! All in all, I will not be going to see this.

Christine I don't see how they can improve upon the first one, which was perfect! Sounds like another Hollywood tired old attempt to suck the blood out of an already good thing (PUN INTENDED!!) hehe

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See, that is what I am talking about!

Christine Instead of re-making Interview and turning it into a teen scene Twilight wanna-be, they should try making some Gothic adult movies out of the many novels Anne Rice has written. I'd love to see the Mayfair witches in a dark drama, or later novels like Blackwood Farm.

Claire Hm I don't think Interview needs to be remade, but I am interested in the other Vampire Chronicles getting movies/remakes. Particularly Queen of the Damned

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