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Hi I wanted to introduce myself to you all and tell you a little about who I am and my latest release.
My favorite saying is ( Smile and be Happy always.)
My favorite quote is (Love is an Ocean of Emotion, No Waters how-ever can quench Love nor can floods drown it.)
I love country music and my favorite artist is Shaniah Twain. I love to read mysteries and fantasy novels also a little horror so long as it is not too scarey. Ha ha ha.

My latest Release:
Gerald lived on Oasis Island. It was an Island paradise owned by his parents. His childhood was a happy until one fateful day when his parents were murdered and burnt to death. His only living relatives took him in and he moved to the mainland to live with them. Years later he found a diary belonging to his mother containing a treasure map. Against his Uncle’s wishes he set off on an adventure back to the Island to find the treasure only to discover he’d been deceived by someone he trusted. After growing up and falling in love he believed his life was perfect until his fiancé was kidnapped and held to ransom by the same person who deceived him as a child. Will his fiancé be returned to him alive or will he lose her as well? Read on to find out. A story of suspense

There is a preview available on my author page here

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Welcome Julie :)

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Hello again I hope you are all having a great day. The E-book version of this book will be available for free between these dates.
Free Book Promotion
June 18, 2016 June 22, 2016 If you would like to get a copy of it and have a gander then that would be good and if anyone would like to write a review on it after they have read it I would much appreciate it thank you . Link to my page on Amazon below :

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Hello my other novel A mystery called The secret of the Cassin's Family curse is available in E-book format on Amazon right now for the low low price of 0,99cents USD

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Brenda wrote: "Welcome Julie :)"
Thank you Brenda be sure to Smile and be Happy always.

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I certainly hope you took advantage of the kindle promotions on these books. they are now back to regular price of $3.99 Usd for Kindle. I am working on a new novel now and will let you know in the future more about it. I bathed Marcel my kitten today and he sure did look like a drowned rat as they say. He doesn't really like bath time. How ever he sat happily on his climbing frame afterwards in the sun as it filtered through the window drying him off again. I hope you all have a fabulous day. Keep reading.......

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Haha! I can just imagine Marcel Julie! Poor little kitten ;)

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Brenda wrote: "Haha! I can just imagine Marcel Julie! Poor little kitten ;)"

Yes he was definitely a sight to behold. :)

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And he'd be looking very reproachfully at you!

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HI I am giving away one Autographed copy of each of my works to celebrate my birthday to Australian residents. All you have to do is join my mailing list. I will choose two winners at random. You will be contacted via email if you are a winner to arrange delivery. Good Luck and thank you for celebrating with me. Just click this link to go to my website

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