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Timberline Trail
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. romantic suspense based in Alaska [s]

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Tamara (tamarag1) | 7 comments Spoiler! A woman is living in Alaska and likes to run through woods. She doesn't know she us being watched by 2 men. One for possible harm and other seeking information he thinks his sister sent her prior to her murder. I believe the heroine is an author. Her father is dead, although she tells every one he is in the tropics, and her uncle is currently overseeing her father's company. The man seeking info helps her many times and becomes her love interest. People are sent after her to murder her but she escapes. I know there is a wolf in the story that she cared for while he was injured.

I believe this is a stand alone novel and not a series (I think).

I can't remember the title or author, but I recall it was an ebook on my kindle. I believe the book was written in the last few years. Any help locating the title/author would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Tamara (tamarag1) | 7 comments I found the book - it is Timberline Train by Loren Lockner. Thanks!

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