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message 1: by C.J. (last edited Jun 15, 2016 03:05PM) (new)

C.J. Anaya (cjanaya) | 1 comments I'm thrilled to have found this community and hope I can add to it in a helpful way. I have an introductory book on Meditation that I am giving away for free in exchange for an honest review. I'm hoping that some of you who love self-help books and alternative healing will be able to give me helpful opinions on it. The book is only about thirty pages, a quick and easy read. I can offer you pdf, epub, and mobi formats, adn I am looking for about thirty reviewers. Please let me know if this interests you.

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthais) Hi C.J., I'd be happy to review a pdf - I have very little experience with meditation so is that the kind of reader you're expecting for an introductory book?


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