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message 1: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Hunter | 11 comments Dark ShoresDark Shores, These two versions of this book should be added to my author profile. Also, this book, Windbound, has new cover art which has not been added to goodreads, see Amazon (
Thanks in advance!
J.E. Hunter

message 2: by Bea (new)

Bea Added both books of Dark Shores to your profile and combined them.

Created alternate cover edition for Windbound here.

As author, you can designate the ACE as the primary edition as noted below.

Goodreads Authors can now choose which edition they want to be the default edition for their books. Goodreads Authors (and Goodreads Employees) are the only people who can use this feature, and they can only do so for books on which they are the primary author.

To use this feature, go to the edition you wish to set as the default, and click the "edit" link. On the edition's edit page there will be a link on the right side, about mid-way down the page and just before the link to refresh stats, to "Set this book as the primary edition for this work".

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