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Dancer's Lament (Path to Ascendancy, #1)
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Malazan > DL: Part 4 (Chapter 18-End) Full Spoilers

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Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Talk about the entire book:

what did you like/dislike?
Who was your favorite character?
How does it compare to other Malazan books?

Bill | 1596 comments So I spent like 15 minutes typing out this long winded review and then my browser crashed and I lost it all. Will have to try again later. :(

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Ah, damn, that is the worst.

I really, really liked it. It was a great exploration of the beginning of the Dancer/Kellenved partnership. Like you said in one of the previous threads, I'm really glad he started it when he did instead after they had already formed the empire. It was cool seeing them as people before the legend and myth took over, especially Dancer. He was this bad-ass assassin without any real direction or idea of what to do. Then he meets Wu and after a bit starts to get some.

The parts with Iko and the Sister of Cold Nights was also interesting. I didn't much care for Silk, but I guess his POV did well to show the power of the mages, which I would assume some of them end up along side the duo.

Also really interested to find out more about Ullara and Rheena in future installments.

Also want to know what happens with all the people Wu recruited in the city, do they end up coming back? Do the people follow?

Ctgt | 629 comments The best ICE book I have read so far. Really loved it. Made me want to go back and reread the main series. The Dancer/Kell relationship really reminded me of one of the main reasons I love the Malazan series. How many great duos were there in the main series? Bugg and Tehol, Toc and Tool, Mappo and Icarium, Quick Ben and Kalam, Stormy and Gessler. The banter back and forth between D/K was very entertaining and made me think of all those great character pairs.

message 5: by Bill (last edited Jun 21, 2016 05:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bill | 1596 comments Finally Got back on my PC so here goes.

This was also my favorite ICE book. I liked how even though it is a prequel I never really knew how it would end and was surprised with how it did end.

I really enjoyed the growth of Dorin into Dancer in this one and wonder if we will get to see a similar transformation of Wu into Kellanved. Their interactions were so fantastic and the way he kept seperating them to bring them back together was really enjoyable.

I liked how he set the stage with Dassem, Baudin and possibly Hawl but left them in Li Heng at the end. Its like Esslemont knows we all want to see the Old Gaurd but just gives us teases of them.

Outside of Dorin I liked Iko's sections the best. I was thinking she was going to become Shimmer because of the whipsword and armor but couldn't remember her name. It will be interesting to see how she becomes what she ultimately does become.

Like the Malazan Empire characters it was interesting to see the Crimson Gaurd before their vow.

Like Scott I found Silk kind of meh but he gave good insight into the mages and defense of Li Heng.

The last speculation I have for this is that Hairlock is either Ho's apprentice or finds some of his work since Ho had some marionettes in his work space.

Potbrick | 1 comments Everything Ullara was heartwrenching. The realization that she's the origin of the Talon name hit me hard. I'm only 5 books into the main series, but this was a worthy addition to it. Stoked to read Deadhouse Landing. I agree with the earlier comments saying that Silk was a step below the other POVs, but his sections did contain a good bit of humour to balance it out. Gonna be fun seeing him and others again in Return of the Crimson Guard. 9/10 book.

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