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Dancer's Lament (Path to Ascendancy, #1)
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Malazan > DL: Part 2 (Chapter 6-11)

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Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments No spoilers past chapter 11, please. Anything from earlier chapters is fine

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Still enjoying this. It's a slow build, but I'm fully invested in the story. I'm loving the dynamic with Dancer and Kellenved so far, can't wait to see how/when they decide to team up (just into chapter 10 now)

I'm also having a fun time trying to figure out who everyone is that we knew from the book of the fallen. I'm assuming Silk, Iko, and Mara are at least people that we already know, but I'm not sure who they are. Obviously I could be wrong but it's fun to speculate. I'm thinking Silk is Tayschren and Mara is Tattersail. Not sure about Iko, Laseen maybe?

Bill | 1596 comments Lassen was from Napan if I remember correctly. Think they are the ones with light blue skin again if I remember correctly. I am going to have to reread Forge of Darkness and then Fall of Light to see if I can figure out who Shalmanat is now that I know she is Tiste Liosan. Don't remember a character with that name.

I also really like the interactions between Dancer and Kellenved. The part where they are together with Dassem was hilarious.

I like how this didn't start straight away with the formation of the Malazan empire but is showing what was there before and maybe why the conquest was possible for the Malazan empire once it was formed.

Ctgt | 629 comments @Bill,
I'm with you, I don't remember Shalmanat.
Really enjoying the fact that these important characters from the main series are being laid out before us with all their flaws. Wu and Dorin have been getting knocked around the whole time. Would have been easy to start with their reputations intact.

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