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Petronius Jablonski Some Call It Trypophobia

Everyday life is more terrifying and bizarre than vampires or zombies. A potent narcotic called Routine numbs you from its primordial strangeness. The essays and stories in Some Call It Trypophobia peel away the thick callus of familiarity, revealing the world in all its raw horror. (Free on Kindle May 16 -18)

Trypophobia? Don’t Google it. Clusters of small holes present no obvious danger, yet they induce the primal fear associated with snakes and heights. A recent study only augments the mystery, raising more questions than it answers. The first essay examines historic precedents and alternative explanations. It argues that trypophobia is a misnomer for existential dread, an encounter with terrible wisdom, the first step on a convoluted path to enlightenment. Found so often in nature, object of apprehension and meditation throughout the ages, this pattern is a symbolic code. Some Call It Trypophobia deciphers it and reckons with the Messenger.

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Hope | 6 comments Sounds weird and interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

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