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How could Avery compel Adrian and Lissa?

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Leandra From what I've always understood, spirit users couldn't compel each other, since their powers cancelled each other out? How was Avery able to do this?

Nikita Oh that is because she has two shadow kissed bond mates to her, making her a stronger spirit user compared to Adrian and Lissa who have none or just one. From what I understand the more bond mates a spirit user has the stronger their powers are however it makes them more unstable.

Leandra Nikita wrote: "Oh that is because she has two shadow kissed..."

That makes a lot of sense, thank you! :)

Kristen Maybe the bond thing made her a little more powerful, but Lissa and Adrian are also pretty powerful on their own.
The reason she could compel them was because they inhibited their powers around her. Adrian almost always had something in his system to dull the effects he felt and Lissa had been drinking a lot around Avery to 'lighten up'. After that, their powers were weak (possibly completely ineffective) and Avery wouldn't have had a difficult time manipulating them. Even a non spirit user would have been able to compel them to do a lot.

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