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" ↱ P E Y T O N : R E E D : C A R T E R ↲ "
| seventeen | female | heterosexual | july first |
♠┊artemis ‧ head of cabin
♠┊middle class ‧ unknown powers

yara khmidan : dark, almond colored locks that fall into graceful waves. piercing hazel eyes, that hold a mystery behind them even she hasn't unlocked. smooth, white skin, that's porcelain in the winter and like warm carmel in the spring. a fit, agile body, and one of an athlete. curves that show off her toned muscles, with scars that mar her back from when she was first attacked by a tέρας (monster). a tattoo of a bow and her mother's name in greek on her inner forearm. she smells of fresh rain upon the pine trees, with a hint of vanilla and warm honey.

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━ tender ⇅ showing gentleness and concern or sympathy
━ mature ⇅ having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult
━ evasive ⇅ tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, especially by responding only indirectly
━ passive ⇅ accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance
━ protective ⇅ capable of or intended to protect someone or something
━ undaunted ⇅ not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment

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( a ) flash of sunlight was the first thing she can recall. awakening on the forest floor, her vision blurred like fog had seemed to ghost over her eyes. small specks of green came into vision when suddenly something nuzzled her small hand. she slowly sat up, her head spinning when the thing yet again nudged her. the girl slowly turned to stare back into the eyes of a mare. it had a midnight black coat, and stormy grey eyes that pierced hers. it bumped it's nose against her once more, before pushing its head underneath her arm and raising the girl up. she couldn't help but wonder where she was, or even who she was. the words echoed in her mind no sooner than she'd expected. a gentle yet proud feminine voice rang through her ears. peyton reed carter. the brunette wandered through the forest with her newly found friend, wondering to herself if there was any escape. she was hungry, and thirsty, and felt as if she hadn't eaten in weeks. she felt a calling, as if the wind was directing her where she needed to go. when reaching the border of the forest, noctis (that's what she had named the mare) suddenly disappeared into a film of smoke. peyton could barely hold on, but trudged through the remaining greenery and could feel the crackle of the hearth nearby. as the girl made her way to where a group of young teenagers appeared to be, a silvery gust of mist appeared above her head — in the shape of a bow and arrow. the campers all gasped and turned around, pointing gingers, but she had already slipped out of her consciousness. when peyton awoke, she was in some sort of infirmary, a man sitting by her side. he introduced himself as asher green, and explained to her of camp windstorm. he actually seemed surprised by her appearance — for peyton was actually from the u.s. but none the less the took her in. it seemed she was truly the first child of artemis to arrive, even so the first one to be born. the heir to the goddess of the moon. she stayed in the athena cabin until the built a cabin for children of artemis, should there be more. and certainly there have been. since the arrival of the other six, she has since claimed the title of head of their cabin and had kept her brothers and sisters in order, even if they're all a little rambunctious. peyton has found an interest in the nike cabin's brutal games, even if her piers and friends warned her against it. she first went up against stephen price. and she handed him his ass. since, the two have been competing against one another, but despite being enemies, the two deep down are truly soft for one another. wait and see, some kid from aphrodite will probably go and slip each of them a love potion. a year after her arrival at camp, she was sent out to patrol the borders like many of the young demigods are assigned to do. but while out in the dark of the night, the sixteen year old was attacked by a brutal chimera. it's claws had raked down her backside so deeply, that the scars would last her a lifetime, as would the memory. from then on she vowed to protect her siblings, as she wished for that never to happen to them as it had to her. they would never be alone, as she so often felt.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ " it was always you, now i know why my heart wasn't satisfied. "

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