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message 1: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 141 comments Mod
Do prefer is have the real copy in your hands or to use an e-reader why? ;if e-reader what kind kindle, nook, kobo or ipad and why?

message 2: by Maeve (new)

Maeve (echocinderella) I prefer real books but I can read more and faster if I am reading an ebook because I can multitask

message 3: by Avery (new)

Avery Kay (avabooks) | 7 comments I LOOOOOOVE physical books. I love them so much. But, if your traveling and you brought 5 books, (a) thats a lot of space, and (b) what if you dont like the books? I like my kindle paper white for travel and physical books for school and home.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 7 comments I just have physical books.

message 5: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) Depends on the mood and on the book. Normally I prefer physical books and will read these before any ebooks. However, ebooks are cheaper and often free so it's fun to discover new authors without spending too much money. (And you can read anywhere you want without needing a light... so that's a plus.)

message 6: by Maeve (new)

Maeve (echocinderella) If I know the boom is going to be good I normally buy the physical book, but if I'm just like "I'm going to read a random book yolo" I will buy is on my kindle and if it is really good then again physically

message 7: by Tayla (new)

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) I love to read on my kindle, it's so much easier. But if I love the series I buy the actual book because I like to look at the covers :)

message 8: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (iifiread) | 4 comments I really don't care. Reading is reading. But speaking owning wise, I like to own physical books rather than ebooks.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I like books themselves more than ebooks but two books in a week -or something- so it's much more than we can afford... So i just read ebooks, easier and better usually. I only read real books when i lend from someone or. I buy just a few books per year.

message 10: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (audreybooklover) Physical book.

message 11: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 141 comments Mod
I think i have an addiction to buying books I became obessed with reading this past christmas and since then have read a grand total of 122 books and i physically own 82 which I love not only do I get to read the books again and again but it gives me a sense of accomplishment (and makes my room look nice lol)

Summer (Summer winterr) (summerrwinterr) Physical books, mainly because I haven't really tried an ereader properly, I want to try the paper white anyone have any suggestions?

message 13: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 141 comments Mod
Any one tried wattpad??? It's absolutly amazing yess i prefer physical books but this app website has had me hooked for a month or soo and I have completes 37 books from it since

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