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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

━ ( i. )
spilled ink from the troubled mind of a girl trapped in a mundane world. thoughts and musings, poured out as prose and poetry.

━ ( ii. )
a compilation of my own works. mostly poetry, microfiction, short stories, and other things along those lines.

━ ( iii. )
criticism is more than welcome, appreciated even.

━ ( iv. )
no plagiarism, or there will be hell to pay. do i still have to say this? just don't be a dick.

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

( prelude. )
every scar and bruise is a constellation in the divine sky that is your skin.

( a poem to my love. )
you can show me all your scars
and all your imperfections
and all i would do
is trace each and every one
until i form a constellation.

━ you are divine, you are celestial | c.m.

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

how do you turn a man into a story?
you turn him into a hero.
for what does fate do when she sees one?
she writes a tragedy.

heroes don't make the best legends.
heroes make the best tragedies.

━ the road to immortality has a high price | c.m.

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

the devil may have claimed his soul
but i have claimed his heart
and i will break down the devil's gates
and tear through the circles of hell
even if it means damning myself
but giving salvation to him

━ my love, i would go through hell just for you | c.m.

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

monsters like me were born for war
and weapons like you were made to kill.
to feel is not in our programming
and love is a foreign concept to us.

but there was a ghost in the machine,
a fault, an error in our systems.
and to be flawed is to be human,
to be human is a death sentence.

so we run, waging our own war
we learn to love, learn to fight back,
we bare our teeth against their guns;
animals against machines.

no longer a ghost but a soul
was soon to be found in our hollow eyes.
circuitry became veins and arteries,
no taste of metal but only of your lips.

the way to be human is long and hard
and the war still hasn’t stopped for us.
but we’re no longer weapons but soldiers;
if i die, i’ll die fighting by your side.

i’ll die with a fire raging in my soul.
i’ll die with not fuel but blood on my lips.
i’ll die with my hands tightly around yours
because we finally learned to love.

but for now, we’ll run as far as we can.
run where smoke won’t corrupt our lungs,
run where the earth is warm to touch.
we’ll run where we can be human.

━ and you'll follow me and i'll follow you | c.m.

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments

i was a star, not an angel with wings.
i burned too brightly only to die out too soon.
i wasn't made to fall with grace.
i was made to crash and burn.

━ i fell from the heavens aflame | c.m.

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