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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. sci fi collection, first one was about humans landing on a virgin planet that the first group of explorers had disappeared on. the second group met a gang of monkeys screaming "gbak" [s]

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Gbolahan (halosbane-kitchenstaffpikin) | 146 comments Hi. Read this maybe 2000. Sci fi short stories.
1. the first was about a planet that turned two different groups of explorers into monkeys, each group of monkeys trying to warn successive groups of explorers by screaming "gbak" (go back!)
2. a war where a robot was drafted into the army, initially disliked by the other soldiers, but it proved itself, and later sacrificed itself for a victory, and the soldiers now respected it and welcomed new robot-soldiers.
3. a crook in a bank...planet-wide catastrophe, I think, he was sacrificed to the gods of that planet.
4. a rock in space that was an island. there was a boy robot.
5. a viking story.
6. i think there was a story where a virus had turned all men back to barbarians without language, but towards the end of the story, they were able to form their first word: it was either "war" or "fire".

The last story was 2 crooks, one killed the other. the one that was killed had guessed his friend would kill him, so he had programmed his consciousness into their ship's computer, and he set traps all over the ship for his friend, promising to free his friend (his killer) if the guy survived all the traps. the last game was for the killer to guess a long code in seconds or the ship exploded. the killer just started laughing, exhausted. this story was in first-person narrative.

thanx a lot for your help guys...

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Norm017 | 154 comments I remember that one, but I cannot remember the title. I think I may still have it, but I'll have to scour the bookshelves to find it.

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Norm017 | 154 comments Just finished checking my shelves and found it, cannot believe I stil had it after all these years. The book was called:

Exiting Stories of Fantasy and the Future'


message 4: by Gbolahan (new)

Gbolahan (halosbane-kitchenstaffpikin) | 146 comments Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanx! That's the one!

message 5: by Norm017 (new)

Norm017 | 154 comments Glad to have helped.

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