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Les Bridgeman (goodreadscomlesbridgeman) | 4 comments * Seeing the Invisible God: 52 Biblical Reflections on Divine Anatomy
* Les Bridgeman
* ISBN 978-0692725955
* BibleBridge
* May 30, 2016
* Paperback
* Seeing the Invisible God is a unique devotional and intellectual guide to the Bible. Biblical authors frequently referred to divine anatomy—from the face of God to the feet of God. But why? And did they think God really had a human body? By examining each divine body part, the fifty-two reflections take readers on an unusual journey through the Bible, theological controversy, and translation dilemmas. The adventure begins with Jacob’s wrestling match and ends with the theological struggle—“Does God really have a human body?” Along the way, readers will be encouraged to see God through the Old and New Testament stories and especially through Jesus Christ.
* 306 pages

*Please combine with the kindle version:
*ASIN: B01G855VA4

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