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message 1: by Julie (last edited Jun 12, 2016 09:57PM) (new)

Julie Watson (bornformidwife) I recently reviewed a couple of books on Amazon. I went back to edit one and discovered that they were not being made public due to being labelled 'sensitive material.' I had to go into my privacy settings and unclick 'hide sensitive material'. When I did this the reviews were made public. My concern is both these books were not in my view, sensitive material at all. Both were true life memoirs. One was about a woman who had her child die of cancer and the other was a woman who had two special needs children.
I was wondering if anyone knows if you can find out if your book has been labelled in this way and therefore reviews maybe not shown? Who decides which books get labelled 'sensitive material'?
Does anyone else know more about this topic? Thanks.

message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) As far as I know, sensitive items on Amazon run the gamut from things that might be embarrassing to the reviewer (sex toys, items that reveal a medical condition, etc) to items that may be considered adults only (media that is violent or sexual in nature or otherwise graphic).

Without knowing more about the stories in question, it's hard to determine why they might be considered sensitive. Most likely, the author listed the book as 18+. They may not have meant that the book was explicit, only that the subject matter is probably geared toward adult readers, but by marking it as adults only, Amazon will flag it as such.

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