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message 1: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Rillian

message 2: by - suzy - (new)

- suzy - (q750) Aslan ;)

message 3: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Nikabrik
(I don't remember a character named Nessa? Am I forgetting someone?)

message 4: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Destrier

message 5: by Bella (new)

Bella Reepacheep! (Is that how you spell it?)

message 6: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Puddleglum

(almost! It's Reepicheep!)

message 7: by - suzy - (new)

- suzy - (q750) Mr. Beaver

(Pretty bad I know. The only one I could remember was Miraz, but nobody starts with Z sooo...)

message 8: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Rabadash

(Well, there's Zardeenah, the Calormene goddess. Can't think of any other Zs)
(Oh, ok! I thought I was just totally forgetting someone or something! XD)

message 9: by - suzy - (new)

- suzy - (q750) Hwin

(Oh, yeah! I forgot about her.)

message 10: by Fabi (new)

Fabi (fabilous_reviews) Am I supposed to continue?

message 11: by Fabi (new)

Fabi (fabilous_reviews) Nikabrik

message 12: by mj (new)

mj l (valiantmj) Um... Digory Kirke? Does that count? I can't think of anyone with a first name starting with K...

message 13: by Rae (new)

Rae (rae4jesus) Eustace Scrubb

message 14: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Bacchus (from prince caspian, the tree spirit)

message 15: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Sallowpad the raven

message 16: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Drinian

message 17: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Nikabrik

message 18: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Kidrash Tarkaan
(Aravis' dad)

message 19: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati (king) Nain
(Ruler of Archenland during Miraz's rule)

message 20: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Nurse (Caspian's nurse)

message 21: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Edmund (pevensie)

message 22: by Vennela (new)

Vennela Mallampati Darrin (Someone in Archenland in "The Horse and His Boy"; twin brother of Dar)

message 23: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Cor, as in Prince Cor

message 24: by Faith (new)

Faith (victorianprincess) | 24 comments Mod

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