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Astra  (sayomina) Hinansho

Name: Ejiki

Special Abilities: Ejiki have the ability to communicate with other animals of prey. This is the only ability that all Ejiki have in common. Because of the wide variety, all different species of Ejiki have different abilities. Most are physical attributes that come from their animal ancestry such as the ability of flight, ability to breathe underwater, or enhanced senses. A few Ejiki are blessed with the ability to heal, but it is ancient magic and it has been diluted over the years, making it weak.

Appearance: Ejiki have a mainly human appearance with a few features of their animal ancestors, such as their ears, tails, eyes, and wings. They are generally built smaller than predator species.


Name: Kitsune

Special Abilities: Kitsune are able to communicate with all animals. They also have very long lives, superior intelligence, and enhanced senses. Unlike other inhabitants of Hinansho, Kitsune are still able to return to their animal form. This gives them the advantage in any fights, as Kitsune are quite large. Kitsune are extremely charismatic, allowing them to fool people easily, especially Ejiki.

Appearance: Kitsune have a mainly human appearance with the ears and tails of a fox. The more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful they are considered. Lighter fur is also considered superior, as white furred Kitsune are said to be closer to heaven than dark furred Kitsune.


Name: Predators

Special Abilities: Predators have the ability to communicate with other animals that are predators. Because of the wide variety, all different species of Predators have different abilities. Most are physical attributes that come from their animal ancestry such as the ability of flight, ability to breathe underwater, or enhanced senses. The Predators have long since forgotten how to use magic.

Appearance: Predators have a mainly human appearance with a few features of their animal ancestors, such as their ears, tails, eyes, and wings. They are generally built larger than Ejiki species.


Name: Akuma

Nickname for the tribe: Magicians

Special Abilities: Akuma have a wide variety of power, from controlling fire, using the moon's powers, or controlling darkness. All of their powers base around darkness, none of them peaceful, like water control or flying. They can shape shift, and almost all of them are illusionists

Appearance: They Akuma are half-lings normally part animal, but they can also be half part of another race (Rarely) they normally have brown/hazel eyes and only few rare Akumas have blue, green, grey, violet, or red eyes. Hair colors consist of all colors, from brown to neon pink. They are pale skinned or light brown. Their style of preferred clothing goes with more revealing clothing.

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Astra  (sayomina) Aiur

Name: protoss

Special Abilities: Protoss are extraordinarily focused, to a degree unmatched by humans. Their powerful psionic abilities extend further than that of human ghosts.

Protoss have been described as "devastatingly intelligent"

Protoss are natural mind-readers. Protoss must learn to filter the thoughts they read and filter (or block) the thoughts that they release (which would prevent other protoss from reading their minds). The ability to block thoughts is compromised by the Khala, which prevents the protoss which follow that philosophy from hiding from each other. During the Aeon of Strife, Protoss regularly used their mind-screening abilities to ambush each other.

Protoss can use their psionic abilities to shield themselves, charge their tools and weapons, and to make, manipulate or meld matter. At least some of these abilities can only be used by a small minority of protoss without technological assistance (such as the creation of shields).

Zeratul using the powers of the Void
Protoss can sometimes access memories and strands of experience from protoss who have died and entered the Khala, but only preservers have full access to this knowledge. Protoss warriors can learn from the spirits of fallen warriors at the Templar Archives.

The powers of the Khala and the Void protect protoss from zerg infestation.

Appearance: Protoss are about two meters (seven feet) to three meters tall and have two glowing eyes that blink normally,
digitigrade legs, semi-permeable skin covered in scales, four digits on their hands (of which two are thumbs) and toes, broad chests and shoulders, and narrow waists with slim midsections. Extending back from the crown of the head, protoss have a bony crest. Beneath it, emerging from the back of the head, are the nerve cords, allowing them to access their racial psionic gestalt. This gestalt is the basis of the Khala.

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Astra  (sayomina) Dasmaynia

Name: Treo

Special Abilities: Treo are known to be able to communicate telepathically to others of their race.

Appearance: The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is around the same height as the average human. They have dark brown skin and have red hair. They have hornlike protrusions on their heads and silver insectoid eyes. They wear richly-decorated clothing that leaves very little to the imagination and tasteful pendants.


Name: Ka'wai

Special abilities: Ka'wai can understand the wind.

Appearance: Quite opposite to Treo, Ka'wai are fair skinned with white or silver hair and colorful duo colored eyes. (example: one blue eye, one green eye,). Ka'wai often dye there hair with vibrant colors though not always. Ka'wai also wear vibrant colored clothes of whatever style they want.


Name: The Edolas¨

Special Abilities : The edolas are know to be exceptionally skilled at using nature magic to soothe and heal. Their magic allows them to use incantations to charm and bend the powers of nature to their will. They are expert swordsman and most can wield a blade with inedible skill. They carve all their weapons from the trees, these weapons are fused with magical properties that can grant the wielder's weapon many abilities. They arent warriors, but their ferocity in battle would prove otherwise

The edolas are probably one of the most beautiful human-like creatures you will ever meet. Mostly all them have long silvery blonde white hair and warm, golden eyes. They are known for their unusually sharp ears and fair white skin. They are all incredibly tall, even the woman. All the members of the race are immortal, they can be killed, but a fallen edolas is rather rare. They all dress themselves in nature, and forge their clothing from the leaves or grass.

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Astra  (sayomina) Ljosalfheim

Name: Cait Sith

Special Abilities: Enhanced speed and eyesight

Appearance: Cait Sith are humaniod with varying heights, weights, eye color, and hair color. What makes them so different is their unique cat tails and cat ears.


Name: Faery

Special Abilities: All Faery can fly and can use magic from music (sleeping spells, illusions, making people do what they want, moving inanimate objects)

~All Faery: All faery range from 6 inches to five feet in height. Their eyes can be any color.

~Light faery: Light fairy have white, silver, or light blonde hair and white or silver wings. The tend to wear white or silver clothes that cover a lot of skin, except arms.

~Neutral faery: Neutral fairy are more colorful than the other two. They wear whatever they want.

~Dark faery: Dark feary have either black, dark purple, or dark blue wings and hair. They wear whatever dark colored clothing the please, usually revealing or no outfit at all.


Name: Silene

Special Abilities: Silene can breath underwater and their song is known to seduce males easily. Siline are also immortal but can be killed.

Appearance: Silene are part or most fish. They have long scaly tales, sometimes gills. Some have fin like ears or small fins on there arms. Silene sometimes have bone formations or fins on their backs. Dark silene tend to be darker or duller colors while those not as bad have more color to them.


Name: Sylpth

Special Abilities: Enhanced agility, healing magic,

Appearance: Sylpth are tall humaniods with pointed ears. They all have long hair, even the guys. Their hair and eye color varies. Most are blonde though. They wear light weight, easy to move in outfits.

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Astra  (sayomina) Enganthel

[Name] Aimur

[Special Abilities]
Most Aimur have the ability to withstand intense heat and are immune to fire. Some have the ability to conjure and wield flames as a weapon. Even fewer have the power of healing; those who end up with this are highly regarded and respected among other Aimur.

The Aimur are generally tall creatures, ranging from seven feet to nine feet tall. Their features are very human-like, in terms of body structure and behavior. Aimur have darkened or tanned skin due to so much time in the sunlight. It isn't completely rare to see one with pale skin, especially when they're younger. Their hair can be a variety of color or length. Most have extremely long hair, as Aimur hair grows very fast. Horns aren't seen often, but also aren't impossible to have. Royals or Aimur of higher class are usually seen with horns. The ears are pointed at the tip, and can vary in size. Inside of their mouths lay very dense and dangerous teeth. The top and bottom canines are extremely sharp, but the back teeth are much more flat. At the very base of the tail bone is a tail. The tail can come in different sizes or shapes, but is generally thin and scaled like a reptile.


[Name] Iomir

[Special Abilities]
Iomir are very acquainted with water and its properties to the point where most of them have adapted to breathe underwater. Very few can actually control water or bend it to their will. Those that can are highly regarded in society. However, a power that has only been seen once or twice within the nation is the ability to control darkness and the shadows it casts. Having an Iomir that can do this is considered a bad omen. The one with this ability is banished to the empty plain ahead of their home, as the power is associated with evil.

The Iomir have a variety of heights, ranging from four feet to ten feet tall. Their body figure and behavior are very human-like. Seirxun skin is pale and usually filled with human-like blemishes, such as freckles or scars. Hair length is different for most, but hair color is usually black, blue, or hazel. Horns are only common among royals, but small, pointed ears are very common. Inside the mouth, they have sharp canines in the front, but flat teeth in the back. At the base of the tail bone is a tail. The tail is sometimes covered in scales, and depending on the hair color, that would be the color of the scales. But, sometimes the tail can also resemble that of a cat or fox. Along the neck are three slits on either side. Most Iomir have gills to breathe underwater with.


[Name] Seirxun

[Special Abilities]
This species has the ability to withstand great cold. They are well adapted to it to the point of where they can barely feel it. The power to actually control the cold and it's properties is practically unheard of, but rumors are still spread across the colonies of the first Seirxun and his ability.

These creatures are a bit short, ranging from four feet to six feet tall. Their body figure and behavior are very human-like. Seirxun skin is usually extremely pale, to the point of where they could blend in with the snow that covers the ground. Hair can vary in length, but is usually black, pale grey, or white, no matter the age. Small horns at the stop of the head are quite common, as are pointed, large ears. Inside the mouth, they have sharp canines in the front, but flat teeth in the back. At the base of the tail bone is a small, thin, lizard-like tail. The tail is usually covered in scales, and depending on the hair color, that would be the color of the scales.

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Astra  (sayomina) Nomadic

Name: Eos (the people of the dawn)

Special Abilities: The Eos are considered to be one of the deadliest races in alll the cosmos. Fast enough to keep pace with even the fastests of horses, they chase down thier prey with suprising speed and agility, in order to deliver the final blow with their sharp claws and poisnous fangs and spikes. Along with their skill in batlle, this race also has the ablity to sense portals opening to other worlds, which allows them to live their lives as world hoppers. With this nomadic lifestyle, this race has also learneed to pick up laugages and weapon designs with relative ease.

Appearance: (( This with the addition of large overlapping scales that work like a suit of armor, and long poisonous spikes running along the back of the neck and tail, which raise up when the Eos is angered. For attire they wear only want they need to fight and hunt. With warriors wearing blade created helmets blade attached to the back of their arms and tail, and shamans wearing feathered head crests and carrying. Aside from this traditional arsenal, different tribes have been known to add weapons and clothing as they spend time in each world.


Name: Holphina

Special Ablities: Holphini have the abilities (besides having extreme intelligence), to survive in both water and land. They also can control water , and don't need oxygen to survive

Appearance: Holphini have skin that's either a pale shade of grey or blue. The Holphini all have large noses and snouts like dolphins, and have a dorsal fin on their backs. Their feet and hands are webbed like ducks. They are extremely tall, around 6"9. All Holphoni have bright green eyes.


Name: Surgebinder

Special Abilities: Surgebinders are people who are presumably human, yet become something far more. They are perfectly in tune with the nature of their soul, both their interior motivations and exterior desires. They find harmony, even despite years of pain and suffering, and only then, when they are broken, can they attain their true potential. Surgebinders literally have a shard of their soul outside of their body, visible only to others when the soul decides. Disharmony between the pair can cause the death of the small part of soul and the loss of all powers of the surgebinder, resulting in a complete loss of power.

Powers vary by the type of soul, but all include: Healing themselves(Not others). The ability to turn their soul into a weapon that can shift into whatever form they currently need. A glowing blade/shaft.

Individual powers may consist of any, but not all: Illusions. Turning one material into another. Control over gravity. Ability to stick two items/people together using their power. Control over plants. Ability to heal others. (Many more may be added, but this is definitely not an extensive list, nor can any have more than 3-ish)

Appearance: They appear human, but when they attune their powers, their eyes glow the palest blue, and should they really go full on, their skin seems to seep white, glowing mist. Depending on the soul, it may be white or black

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Astra  (sayomina) Asliashno

Name: Elilloy

Special Abilities: (They are able to; Heal, control fire, water)


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Astra  (sayomina) Etern Tardor

Name: Nocutrnals

Special Abilities: Nocturnals abilities rest into several ill-moral categories. First and foremost the have a knack for stealing. Whether it be from picking pockets to picking locks they have all the skills necessary to get in and get out fast. Although, not all there skills fall into a thieving category. Many Nocturnals are proficient in magic. While most focus on necromancy many Nocturnals are skilled in other forms of magic, but the one skill that you should fear, that all Nocturnals have a knack for, is there ability to analyze, reverse engineer, and mimic whatever they can get their hands on. Give them a few seconds with something new, and they'll figure it out in no time.

Appearance: Nocturnals are mostly all small framed, light, and flexible. Their small bodies help them move quickly, and escape via tight spaces most larger and more muscular people could not easily maneuver through in case they get caught. Which is rare as the race is known for their natural ability to blend in with other humanoids. Despite not being named as such, Nocturnals look very much like humans. The only large difference is that Nocturnals hair color come naturally in black, white, a shade of grey between the two, or a style of purple.

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Astra  (sayomina) Travon

Name: Trecans (the tree seers)

Special Abilities: by Along with the ability to sniff out portal and a venomous bite that they inherited from their Eos ancestors. Trecans also have the ability to directly context with the Travan Trees they protect, allowing them to see the past, present, and possible future of their world.



Name: Painted folk

Special Abilities: Painted folk are able to run across water because of the way their feet are shaped with three large toes that have special pads underneath. This and the ability to reach high speeds allows them to run across water. Certain painted folk can also fly because of a thin skin layer between their arms and bodies that can be used when jumping from tall trees.



Name: Night singer

Special Abilities: Night singers are able to breath underwater because of their gills. They are also excellent swimmers because of the skin webbings between their toes and fingers. They also have long limbs that help with swimming.



Name: Leemen

Home World: Travon

Special Abilities: The eye of greed. Certain leemen, usually the princesses of the royal family and bloodline, though sometimes but rarely the princes, have the ability to see things (usually valuables) that others would normally have hidden or that are hidden beneath layers of dirt and foliage. The few that train this skill really hard are able to see the truth even through lies.

Leemen are excellent climbers because of their nimble limbs and tails.


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Astra  (sayomina) Greathelmer

Name: Greathelm (War Seekers)

Special Abilities: To clone soldiers and Turn people into their slaves.


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Astra  (sayomina) Treatis

Name: Kubeba

Special Abilities: The have extreme strength and a high tolerance to pain.

Appearance: Humanoids; They are all large with stark white hair. There eye color ranges from blue to black to white. They all are naturally bulky, even the females and they have hair on there feet. Most man cannot grow hair on their heads but plenty on their face.


Name: Shujaa

Special Abilities: They have the powers of flight, due to the feathers that hang off their ears and heightened sight.

Appearance: There arms and legs are longer, having feathers hanging off the arms. Their bones are semi hollow to allow flight, so they are a bit fragil. There hair is always long and some may have small tail bumps like a bird.


Name: Pango

Special Abilities: The have mental abilities three for whoever to choose. Telekinesis, Telepathy, or Neurocognitive Deficit (rarest one). And can breath underwater

Appearance: They are deathly pale from their time in the darkness. They have either black or grey hair and slightly larger eyes. They all have scars on their neck at birth that act like magical gills that glow blue when they enter the water.


Name: Uchawi

Special Abilities: There minds are quick thinking and they have a posion ivy esque magic where they can control pheromones in the air to be more persuasive or other emotional effects.

Appearance: They are about as human as human can get, except f small horns that come out their heads.

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Astra  (sayomina) Kal

Name: Armina

Special Abilities: They can detect the emotions of other people. They usually have enhanced senses. Little is known about the Armina Race.

Appearance: They appear as normal looking humans but they give off a small glow.


Name: The Hunters

Special Abilities: They are mechanical creatures which are controlled from the Base.

Appearance: High Hunters - Sent to get rid of the bigger threats, Last resort, usually in the form of mechanical dragons

Main Hunters - Sent to get rid of anyone that poses a threat,

Lower Hunters - Sent to put fear in people, typically harmless, but can be lethal.

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Astra  (sayomina) Kratos and Sancros

Name- Elementine

Special abilities - They have the power to manipulate the elements of earth. They can control air , water , earth and fire. They are very agile and wise with these ancient powers. Some can control ice and make cyclones and tornadoes but they are very few!

Appearance- They look like humans. They are slim and beautiful and have fair skin. Their eye colours vary. Some have normal colours , such as brown, blue , black , hazel etc ,some have odd colours maybe purple with thin gold waves or some have two different colours. Elementines born with a particular mark or tattoo show a high level of power.

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Astra  (sayomina) Vernos


Special Abilities The Elros are known to be something akin to nature sprites. As such most Elros have the ability to help plants grow and heal minor injuries. The all looked to the goddess Florela for this power and it is said that one Elros every 100 years will be chosen as her priest/priestess and that Elros will have far greater magical abilities than the others.

Appearance Most Elros have a similar appearance to humans though they are known to have green, brown, or blue skin with hair colors and eye colors of a similar pallet. Green Elros live above ground, brown Elros live under ground, and blue Elros live in the sea.



Special Abilities All Kree are born with the ability to see in the dark, as such Kree cannot see in color. They all have great hearing and most are rather animal like in one way or another without having any specific traits that set them apart. Kree can vary from animal to animal as most have some kind of animal which gives them their strength. Most Kree are extremely long lived and can go hundreds of years for every one year one of the other races of Vernos is alive.

Appearance All Kree look almost completely and utterly human, however all Kree will have one small trait that sets them apart. It won't be massive like the ears and tails of some other races, more so a difference of the eyes. A feather here or a patch of scales and fur there. However these oddities are all easily masked and hidden.



Special Abilities The Versnof themselves are plant creatures in a sense. They can some in the shape of many creatures and animals like wolves, humans, rabbits, horses or anything else. They can also take the form of whatever plant they are in order to hide and protect themselves. Versnof have no need to eat nor a digestive system to do it with, so most will spend long amount of time just lounging in the sunlight to do photosynthesis depending on their size and how much energy they need. Larger Versnof will often pull carts or plots to help out the Elros and Kree.

Appearance Versnof can come in a wide variety of shapes, forms, and plants but one thing is always constant. They must be some kind of plant. For example one Versnof may look like a wolf made out of a tree, another might be a rabbit made out of grape vines. The most common Versnof are tree Versnof as their forms are the easiest to retain.



Special Abilities Murmo are amphibious creatures making them suited to the land and the sea, however they cannot swim in too deep of water or for long stretches of time which is what leaves them bound to the Zulu region. All Murmos are born semi aquatic with scales and gils however at the same time they are known to take to land and hunt. Murmos are vastly strong and can change the land in order to change the flow of water to fit their needs. Some are also known to have magic that can manipulate water all on its own, which among the Murmos is a powerful talent that is widely respected. However only one in a million Murmos will posses this talent and most get very sick and die after birth.

Appearance Murmos are scaly beasts often compared to a mermaid without the bottom half of a fish. Instead their legs are covered in scales and fins along with the entire rest of their body. The Murmos have sharp claws and when they go on land they often try to stay in wetter regions. Most Murmos make their home in large lakes. They can adapt to both salt and fresh water. If a Murmos come in a wide variety of color with the females being more vibrant in color to attract a mate and the males often having more things like fins and neck fills and markings, things that the females despite their bright colors lack.



Special Abilities Beastlings are very similar to werewolves that don't need the moon to transform, but a Beastling can be any animal instead of just a wolf. Their abilities vary from animal to animal and most are predatory animals, but the one things that remains the same for all of them is that they are stronger than the average animal or beast of their kind. They can be born with a wide variety of skills and magic depending completely on what kind of animal they are. Some may manipulate plants or water while others could have a blood lust ability that allows them to go on a killing spree.

Appearance Beastlings have 4 core forms. The first is a human form which they vary rarely if ever use. The second is a partiality animal form where they will have ears and tails of their animal on their human form. The third is a humanoid form. This draws more on the typical werewolf as it will be their animal form with a human like shape. In this form some will be able to walk on their hind legs among various other advantages. The third form is often considered their strongest form as it is where they have the most strength and speed and well as their magic being at its strongest. The forth form is of course the completely animal form.



Special Abilities Most Krupa are born blind but because of this have astounding senses of smell, hearing, and touch. A Krupa will have a large set of claws on their hands that look a lot like shovels, as they live under ground these were adapted for digging. Krupa who are not born blind will often be born with smaller claws and sharper fangs and will be used as scouts. A large about of scout Krupa actually have the ability to use a special kind of magic to track other living things in the area. Scouts are also born with the ability of camouflage.

Appearance Krupa appear to be pale white skinned creatures without any eyes. Their noses are simple slits in their face and their mouths are large dangerously fanged things. Their hind legs are reminisent of a raptor and so are their long whip like tails. They stand on two legs as their arms are equipped with massive sets of claws that make it impossible to walk on. Scouts will have smaller claws, sharper fangs, eyes, and skin that can camouflage itself.

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