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Matched Trilogy Box Set
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Here you are able to discuss the book, Matched. Stay on topic though.

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I think the concept of matched was really interesting which got me through the first book. I thought the romance was sweet but I didn't really latch on to any of the characters. Throughout the book I was waiting for action to happen but it kinda didn't. I thought it had a lot of potential but didn't really live up to my expectations. Currently reading Crossed but not really enjoying it. I'm also reading other books so I might come back to it.

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Crossed was so bad. I almost stopped halfway through! And I totally agree with you on the book, Matched. It was just, ugh.

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I'm pretty much at the half way point no. Trouble is I got the box set for Christmas so I kinda feel obliged to finish the series. It's just staring at me from my book shelf...

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Just power through and do it. You've got this!

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It WILL happen... At some point in the future ;)

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Hehe. :)

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Maria (mariahkeepscool) | 164 comments Mod
Crossed was the worst 2nd book of a series ever. The fact that she went through all that trouble finding Ky then is willing to leave him for the Rising is ridiculous! Indie was honestly just flat out annoying. No your not running away with Ky to the Rising and leaving Cassia and Eli! My gods, I hate her.

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I agree the second one was really stupid. I didn't really like any of the books though the whole series was kind of boring.

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